The 20 best graffiti skillfully combined with nature

The construction of residential areas sometimes not always in harmony with nature, but a skilled and original design approach to each individual project can really create something special and unique.

The original design can dramatically change the facade of houses, fences and even walkways and give them a zest. Street artists painting these paintings in fact do not destroy the living part of nature, but on the contrary, most enter it into a drawing, making it an integral element of the art of graffiti. Wildlife adds spaciousness to wall drawings, and the result is an unusual and rather peculiar interaction and the combination of 2D drawing using 3D elements.

We all, as artists, of course, understood that all proposed projects graffiti alas not durable, it is designed for one season, and some did for a few months, as everything in nature is volatile and constantly. Changes over time the appearance of the plants, changing beyond recognition the "live" part of the picture. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort of artists, so as to pass by and not notice such a subtle approach and merging of art and nature is simply impossible. And who knows how many people might be interested and inspire in their hearts a love and tenderness for all living things grows around us.

And you look, and appreciate how harmoniously and skillfully combines figures with nature in the twenty, the best in our opinion, projects, street art wall graffiti.


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