10 books perfect for vacation

With them not only pleasant to lie on the beach, but not ashamed then to tell friends about them. Summer vacation is a great reason to pick up a book, and this, what do not want to regret after reading. It should be light, elegant, but intelligent and able to permanently remain in memory.
Anna gavalda "Simply together" One of the most famous books of Anna Gavalda, a poignant story about love and loneliness, full of laughter and tears, gracefully woven from achingly familiar everyday life, from failures and unexpected victories, from the accidents, and not very happy. The novel deservedly won millions of readers around the world.

Robert Galbraith "the cuckoo's Calling", the Debut novel by Robert Galbraith unknown unlikely to be caused such a stir, if this alias is not hidden by JK Rowling. The writer once again proved that the skill of the storyteller in her mind. "The cuckoo's calling" is a classic calm, intelligent detective in the best traditions of the genre: crime, detective, a dashing plot and a beautifully honed style.

Joanne Harris Chocolat novel delicacy, imbued with aromas of chocolate, viscous caramel, fresh pastries and mystery. Wind carnival in a hick town lansce-su-Tann brought perfect strangers, mother and daughter. They discover the city's chocolate — and life changes forever. Kindness and tolerance-against dogmatism and covers the local "decent" society. Who will win?

Gregory David Roberts "Shantaram" thousand-page "Shantaram" is an ideal book for a protracted vacation. Modern Mumbai is melted from the heat, the Indians leisurely and pofigistichno and mafia — better than in Russia of the nineties. Here's the hit autobiographical hero Roberts escaped from an Australian prison. The novel portion gives action, spiritual quest, love stories, sketches of aboriginal life — shaken, not stirred.

Zhvanetski "southern summer (Read North)" Is a collection where many "small" as the author says, but many "big" stories, sketches. "Write briefly, — explains the author. — Something in me is so ordered. Here — year-old. The southern Big country. Life. People. Conversations... I'm in a good mood and pleasant memories."

Alice Munro "Runaway" for 30 years, Alice Munro called the best in the world the author of short stories, but in the Russia of her books come only now, after the writer won the Nobel prize for literature. "Runaway" is a collection of amazing stories about love and betrayal, unexpected twists of fate and the complexities of personal relationships.

Stephen king's "11/22/63" This novel unreservedly declared the best book of Stephen king and millions of fans of the writer, and serious literary criticism. A high school teacher Jake Epping goes back in time to prevent the Kennedy assassination. And in this story the king of horror is able to maximize the use of their classic techniques and get goosebumps herds to run over the skin.

Yann Martel "Life of PI" Amazing story will acquaint you with the Indian boy PI, a connoisseur of animals, who after a shipwreck, were in the same boat with an unusual companion — a Bengal tiger Richard Parker. In 2002, this global bestseller awarded the Pulitzer prize. A confession, a revelation, a fantasy, a parable about the struggle with himself — and a perfect example of when the book and the acclaimed film adaptation is equally good.

Neil Gaiman "All new stories" Genius storyteller Neil Gaiman has collected the best stories in the genre of horror and suspense written by the acknowledged masters of American fiction. This is a collection of smart, subtle, exciting and very different stories. And this is the perfect book for a beach holiday: the length of one of the tales just enough to get a portion of ultraviolet light on the sun lounger and escape into the water.

Ray Bradbury "dandelion Wine" Perhaps the summer book in all of world literature. Log in to the bright world of twelve-year old boy and live with him one summer, filled with events joyful and sad, mysterious and alarming; the summer when every day are made amazing discoveries, the main of which — you are alive, you breathe, you feel. Timeless classics that will give you a Sunny mood even on a rainy day on vacation.

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