Grandfather Dobri - beggar philanthropist

98-year-old beggar, grandpa's kind of the Bulgarian village of Bail, dressed in homespun clothes and old leather shoes that he wears in winter and summer, often standing at the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia. Every day he gets up early and goes 10 kilometers from their village to the capital of Bail.

His name is more ascetic hermit besserebryannikom, angel, bozhim a stranger from the past to the poor. A lot of people who never heard about my grandfather Dobri Dobrev. A lot of people who do not have even the slightest idea of ​​the true holiness of his case.

In 2011, he was 97, and he continues, with all my heart, to give to others their wealth - kindness and humanity. Regardless of its age, it can be seen from time to time in the capital's streets in search of generous people for execution godly Causa. Decades grandfather Dobri raises money for the restoration of the Bulgarian churches. Cold and bad weather is not an obstacle, it does not scare hunger, he was not angry with apathetic people.

This old man is different goodness and gentleness. With a smile, kiss children's hands, keep the money in his hand, thanks for alms, let's talk about God with passers-by. Grandfather Dobri not a beggar. He wants to save the souls of strangers. You can not call the poor man as he had forgotten about the needs of collecting money for the benefit of the sublime work which stands away from material goods.

In 2010, during the filming of a documentary film about Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Bulgarian TV journalist did in the archives of the church shocking discovery - the most generous private donation, which ever received Cathedral - EUR 40,000 was made by an old beggar - grandfather Dobri. 98-year-old holy does not apply to a single penny of the money, which he served. He lives on a pension of 100 euros per month, as well as non-cash handouts in the form of fruits and breads. Grandfather Dobri helps many others, for example, he paid utility bills orphanage, which was on the verge of shutdown of heat and light. It also helps the homeless. But of all the good deeds grandfather Dobri we'll never know, because he never speaks about them.

Grandfather Dobri had four children. Have the care of one of his daughters, that one lives in Sofia. The old man does not hide his disappointment from what obeznasledil his family and gave the money to other property. This he does not like to talk about. The old man had lost his last hearing in the war, being touched by a shell. What prompted him to become bozhim stranger? On this he is also silent. Maybe played a role that in Bailovo no wealth and wealthy people. Sam Elin Pelin writes that Bailovo beautiful, but very poorly. The old man did so, his native village became rich spiritually. Since time immemorial people remember that my grandfather Dobri visiting churches and monasteries, and collects helps. Peasants from the village every day see it and believe that it is every penny collected in cash and wow leaves.

Although he has a bed, he likes to sleep on the floor, does not want to use the convenience of modern civilization. On the table in the room there is only a modest slice of bread and tomato. This is enough for him to survive the day.

In the woolen clothes in sandals, with long hair and beard turned white grandfather Dobri perceived as coming from the past. He is most similar to the most holy ascetic in the Bulgarian church - Ivan Rilski than contemporary immorality and corruption. If it came from the past, when charity and faith was a sound basis.

People who attend church gave 2000-2500 leva. This money can be collected on holidays. Update the temple, update the throne, new tablecloths and curtains are gone all the money collected old. People who worked in the temple, in gratitude bought furniture needed in Bailovo old man, but he suffered the loss.

According to the secretary of the church, the man tirelessly to gather the fruit of eternal life. Gifts that makes the old man, he looks like Santa Claus. Children not old gives dolls and trucks, and your example, conveys his hope to turn the people into consideration.

And he who does not believe in Santa Claus, can believe in Santa Dobri. It means to believe in goodness.



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