The story is about how a beggar bought a luxury villa for only 1 dollar!

Early in the morning, waking up the beggar decided to peruse the paper on which he slept. Ran through the ads, he saw one that could not be interested in it. Nonsense! "- Thought the beggar and threw the newspaper.

Walking from house to house in search of food he saw on the wall of a big announcement: "For Sale Villa 3 floors, pool and garden on the seashore, the cost of $ 1" "Typo or what?" - Thought the beggar, and went on grumbling.

Out on the wide street, he drew attention to the huge size of the banner, which read: "For sale Villa 3 floors, pool and garden on the seashore, the cost of $ 1" thoughtful beggar. And he was curious as to what a madman could write it and decided proverit.Teryat that he had nothing except the last dollar in your pocket.

Arriving at the address, he saw that same villa. Timidly called. The door was opened by a beautiful woman. - Excuse Me! I'm on your ad. What it says draw or where? - Yeah yeah! All right. - It's about value. $ 1? That's it? - Da.1 dollar. If you are interested, you can look around the house. Of course the beggar enjoyed it and he gave his last dollar became the owner of a luxurious villa.

But still wanted to know why such a small price? On the woman smiled and said: "My husband before his death have a will that I sold our villa and the money transferred to the account of his mistress. Which I did! Announcement has hung six months, and you are the only who responded to it. All you good. " And the woman was gone ...

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