How to escape the heat— the top 12 tips from the doctors

In connection with the summer extremely hot weather Main Department of the State of SES in Kyiv city issued official recommendations on how to escape the heat. The doctors gave very valuable recommendations and reiterated the important rules of health.

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How to escape from the heat: the best advice 1. Stay on the street should be kept to a minimum, as well as physical activity.

2. Staying indoors, you should use the fan and air conditioning.

3. For walking it is necessary to choose bright, spacious clothes from natural fabrics, do not forget about a hat, use sunglasses and umbrellas.

4. To feel better in the heat, it is necessary to reduce caloric intake, reduce the amount of meat consumed, do not eat fatty, spicy, fried.

5. In order to avoid a summer of poisoning do not make large stocks of perishable food and prepare meals for the days ahead.

6. To avoid dehydration we need to drink more water, tea, fruit drinks, fermented milk drinks with a low fat content.

7. Do not drink sweet drinks and sweet drinks.

8. From alcoholic beverages and energy drinks should not refuse.

9. Those who suffer from diseases of the kidneys or cardiovascular system, it is not necessary to increase the amount of fluid.

10. It is very desirable during the day take a cool shower.

11. To travel in public transport better or in the morning or in the evening. If it is not possible to completely avoid them.

12. It is only necessary to bathe in those waters, which are located and designed for swimming and relaxing.




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