Heat waves in China

The 13 provinces and regions of China in early July, the temperature has exceeded the mark of 35 degrees. Residents of big city trying to escape from the summer heat in pools, rivers, and ponds, while forest fires in some parts of the country only to flare up with renewed vigor.

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1. saleswoman wipes the face waiting for customers at the store in Beijing. In the capital of China registered a record temperature for 50 years: the average shot up to 40, 3 degrees Celsius. (REUTERS)

2. Artists shoot their heads in cardboard Park Qingdao, Shandong Province. (EPA)

3. Two large ice blocks stand in a bucket in the classroom in the middle of the summer heat in Jinan, Shandong Province. (AFP / GETTY)

4. Residents flooded the pool to escape the summer heat in the district Deying. (REUTERS)

5. In 13 provinces and regions of China the temperature stays above 35 degrees. (REUTERS)


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