Scientists have learned how to dye your hair without "chemistry"

A group of scientists from the Los Alamos national laboratory and the University of new Mexico has developed technology that in future will allow to dye the hair with the help of a special device resembling a pad to smooth the hair.

One of the participants work on the creation of technology Zayed Leseman said that it is the effect of a special ion-beam etching, which is harmless to the hair structure, as it does not involve any chemical exposure.

Experiments have shown that such staining durability significantly exceeds the specifications of most current colors, and when using ion-beam etching natural hair color will return only when highlighting hair will fully grow back.

But in experiments, scientists have created another technology, in which prior to etching and the hair is applied a special conditioning, enveloping each hair into a kind of shell. In this case, the color of ion-beam etching will stay only as long as it just will not wash off with water.

It should be noted that colouring according to scientists, is not the only field of application of ion-beam etching. Application of the coating can be reliably protect credit cards from illegal reading, and in the longer term, this technology can be applied to protect aircraft from air defense sights type laser.

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The work on creation of technologies of ion-beam etching began in 2009. It was then that Bruce Lamartine published scientific work, which revealed the concept of applying nanotron hair by non-chemical effects. In later years scientists have been working to bring this technology to the state of suitability for practical use, and we can already say that soon all the ladies will be able to home efficiently and reliably to dye his hair and cut the budget the need to buy paint for the hair, which is now perhaps the most important element in the medicine Cabinet of every woman.



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