A tick bite can cause Allergy to meat

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Scientists are alarmed by the surge in the number of allergies to meat products. The reason for this may be the bite of certain species of ticks.

Cases of meat allergies are recorded in the United States, several European countries, Japan and Korea. Although the problem first appeared a few years ago, now it has become extremely serious, in connection with the distribution of insects.

The reason for this is the sugar alpha-Gal, available from the mites and are found in meat and some dairy products. The tick bite triggers the response of the human immune system, the body begins to perceive meat products, as an alien element and produces antibodies.

A person can develop a reaction similar to that sometimes some people have to peanuts. This Allergy causes hives, swelling, symptoms of anaphylaxis, trouble breathing, vomiting, diarrhea. In most cases, chicken or Turkey do not harm the person, but red meat and milk becomes unacceptable to such people.

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