Opened the world's first full-scale proving ground for the study of traffic safety

Opened the world's first full-scale testing ground for future solutions to road safety — AstaZero.

Hardly takes more than a week without rumors of a new automated safety features for cars. Such technologies include systems that detect when drivers are tired, that allow multiple cars to safely travel together in speed-controlled (convoy), or warning drivers about leaving their lane. Now, in order to help stimulate the development of such new products, opened a new Swedish landfill AstaZero.

Known as AstaZero (the name is an acronym for "active safe test platforms — Active Safety Test Area, combined with the aim of the Swedish government reduced to zero, fatal accidents — Zero), the polygon is referred to as "the world's first full-scale test environment for testing future solutions to road safety". It was developed by a consortium of European companies and institutions and owned by Scientific-technical research Institute of Sweden and the Technological University of Chalmers.

It is divided into five connected areas, which together is able to simulate all types of roads and traffic situations. These areas include the main field centre, multi-lane roads, an urban area consisting of four districts of buildings and streets, highways and rural roads.

Available props includes mannequins pedestrians and animals, remote-control "balloon", fences and road signs. The second phase of the development, functions such as tunnels, may be added to the generators of fog and rain. In complex experiments will involve robots.




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