Arkaim is a powerful energy center

There is on earth energy centers, possessing unusual strength, where the awakening of hidden talents and develop that expand the boundaries of perception. These places are called intersections or "places of power".

Our ancient ancestors knew such places, where the connection with heaven and the higher knowledge of harmony comes naturally and easily able to find them and put them on the temples and shrines near them put their stands, and later built cities. In such places people have always lived, from Neolithic times to the present day. Here arose the great civilizations were born of the myths, legends and traditions. One such place is the city-temple city Observatory Arkaim. Aryan is the city legend, here arias suffered the Vedic knowledge across the Northern hemisphere of the earth. Arkaim — is an example of human use of the time of high technology, knowledge about the universe and man.

Also our ancestors knew and places that have the ability to move people great distances, it's portals and dromoi. Fortunately, the South Urals are very rich in these places of power, and any person can visit such a place. Not for nothing, ancient Aryans, built their own proto on the territory of Ural, which is the presentation of our ancestors, the middle world.

It's been five thousand years, but the arch is still a source of strength and inspiration for all who come here. Here is preserved up to our days a lot of interesting objects that were created at the dawn of civilization, the temple complex on the mountain of the Check, settlement of Arkaim, the megaliths checinski steppes. All these artifacts now are of great interest for people walking the path of spiritual growth for those looking for the origins of his people.

Arkaim is an ancient settlement, located in a zone of tectonic breaks of earth crust. Millions of years ago this place there were a huge volcano, so it is believed that this unusual power – there is a direct relationship with the cosmos, and there are often miracles happen...

The Arkaim valley is included in the ranking of the most Holy places of Russia. Archaeologists say that Arkaim is the ancient Egyptian pyramids and the Greek of Athens. Many scientists are surprised by the extraordinary similarity of Stonehenge in England and Arkaim in Russia. And Stonehenge and Arkaim are located on the same latitude, both in bowl-shaped valleys and between them four thousand miles.



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