A ghost town. The phenomenon of the Earth.

As soon as it may be called - and the "phenomenon", and miraculously, and the bridge between past and future, and a meeting place of heaven and earth - this mysterious, ancient Aryan city Arkaim. This ghost town takes in a not everyone. I know of cases where people confidently and purposefully leaving for Arch (located in the Chelyabinsk region, on the border with Kazakhstan) as well as before and did not get. Suddenly summed health, the machine glohla, the bus down, then there is any other unexpected but urgent and pressing matters that made this trip impossible.

To visit Arkaime one desire is not enough - you must "ripen" to the point where the soul of man is ready to get answers to all of his concerns.

Random (?) Find

Exactly half a century ago, first talked about Arkaime. The military, which produced aerial photography in the desert, found clear terms, it is the correct form, but to explain their origin or destination and could not. Twenty years in the dried steppe began to build a dam on the river Big Karaganka to flood Arkaim valley and make it a reservoir. However, when construction was almost completed, the builders discovered the first layers of obscure circles resembling a fortress. And then it became clear that under the ground is an ancient city, which is still nobody knew.

The ancient city was protected massive outer wall perfectly round shape. A lot of labyrinths, passages and niches made this ancient city like a fairytale castle. And the most surprising - an arch built with strict observance of the laws of higher mathematics, from the oriented to the cardinal to the minute! It has now become clear that the arch - an ancient observatory. Accuracy orientation Arkaim correspond only to the Egyptian pyramids, but they are two hundred years or so younger than the miracle of the city.

Some experts say that the arch - a place where God himself came down, others that it is a place where landed alien ships, and others - that is a window into another world. In fact, accurate information, which was built Arkiam and why its inhabitants suddenly left the city and burned it to the ground, there is still no.

Now Arch - a flat steppe and the bird's-eye view shows two concentric rings, shaft, half overgrown with grass. This is a mysterious place where you can feel the inexplicable by modern science visual effects, vibration, air, hear strange sounds.


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