Care of skin after 40

Facial skin requires constant care. Any woman thinks about that, and whether she cares about your face. And how to care for the face, the skin looked taut and toned?

Time flies quickly and quietly, but in our hands to stop the rapid aging of the skin. Approaching 40 years of age, the skin loses its elasticity, it becomes inherent dryness, signs of dehydration, fatigue, circles under the eyes, wrinkles.

Funds intended for direct care person is able to best shield the skin from harmful substances in the environment.

First and foremost it is worth noting that you should regularly use a nourishing night cream, because the skin lacks essential vitamins and nutrients.

This cream is applied on pre-cleaned using scrub the skin approximately 30 minutes before bedtime. While you are asleep, the night cream nourishes and smoothes wrinkles, makes the skin velvety and elastic.

Day cream must contain sunscreen, as a dangerous enemy of the skin is ultraviolet.

Day cream should be chosen depending on the time of year. In winter it is preferable to use a cream that contains vitamins.

One of the causes of skin aging is dehydration and dryness. Moisturizers need to use it constantly, especially in summer. Recommended per day to drink about 2 liters of water. But we should not drink water before bed to avoid puffiness under the eyes.

Choosing the means to care for skin after 40 years it is necessary to remember that skin needs antioxidants and vitamins.

It is because of a lack of vitamins, the skin looks dull and tired. Lack of vitamins such as A, D and E lead to premature aging of the skin. You must also use the serum, which beneficial effect on the skin.

Serums are biologically active elements. Unlike cream, serum penetrates quickly into the skin. Apply the serum should be in the morning for 2 weeks.

Age spots are another problem of skin aging, skin tone with age becomes uneven. To solve this problem will help specially designed creams, which contain bleaching components.

The need to protect the skin from direct sunlight.

At home you can make cucumber mask based on parsley and lemon. For moisturizing and cleaning skin you can apply the lotion, the gel cleanser, toner, scrub. Toner tightens the skin and gives it new strength.

If you follow all recommendations and lead an active lifestyle, take care of yourself, you can look much younger.



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