Not entirely new, but fun! ))

 I bought the car 31.12.2004, as there was a discount of $ 100. Took a luxury packaging, immediately put the electric windows, power steering, signalization, music, body glue, rubber mats bought new brushes have changed wipers, well, there, wheels, tires - it is clear, and go! Needless to say, the car - luxury! Maybe I was lucky, but in the 7253 km I changed only the support bearing, a pair of struts, clutch slave cylinder, carburetor, oil pump, candles and cylinder head. Well, the brakes are not in the bill. And all !!! I believe 2111 taxis! Yes, and only one was kapitalka.

Volkswagen New Beetle
 Basically, we were going to buy something else. We were going to buy me a bra, but I saw this "Zhug", and my heart collapsed.
 We bought immediately. The color of a cool, bright yellow in tone to sandals.
 Permeability is excellent! Already twice I went on nature, so the machine can easily fit into the back of "Ural" and goes where others get stuck. Cool the wheel - not fat nor thin, but just the same as I love them very easy to rotate in different directions. A lot of buttons and all include something. I'd had the two. In general, girls, would recommend. A bra that is not bought - so you can drive a car without a bra!

VAZ 11113
 Five years went by "Oka", and then gave it to his son. Only it is a little, but I did a radio-controlled, with remote control, battery operated ride on, "Crone". The kid is happy!

 In 1954 he bought a "victory." After buying banged neighbor had to change, more problems with the car was not there.

Hummer H2
 The neighbors in the communal offered to buy them cheap "Hammer» ...

 It was in the store to buy a car "Toyota Corolla". The manager convinced that you need to buy only "Lendkryuzer." Sell ​​an apartment, I bought. He lived there until a little over two months, I will share first impressions. The car is good, spacious (after the apartment, of course, too small, but get used to it quickly). A little handy wheel, always cling to him, when I leave the trash to make, but, like, on any of the company car center it can be removed. Chandelier feet sometimes hurt the ... The main advantage: saving both heavily on the rent.

VAZ 2106
 In Russia, it is necessary to travel on domestic cars! I'm here, "six", and I can even if it repaired anywhere, anytime. I repaired it and in the morning, the afternoon and evening, and night. And I myself, and when, and on the road and in the garage. I would recommend proven "shohu."

Mersedes-Benz S500
 With your words, I understand that after the chip-tuning your "Meerane" was the original ECU with the engine, and such options as an expense CO4NO were not calculated in the version of firmware, which are equipped with engines mersovskie patched receiver. A resource of the engine is practically unlimited without additional charging. I myself am 20 years go to the "penny" in the mustache does not blow!

VAZ 2120
 A little over a month from the date of purchase. Mileage 6125 km. In general, a good car, comfortable, big trunk. Cons: hijacked. I asked the traffic police Kirov, say - will be looking for. Lenin appealed to the traffic police, said they will not seek, as is already looking at the Kirov ... And so it is a good car.

 Old "Moskvich" is good because it is not a pity! I leave it beneath the windows all year round - no one even thought to steal. So guys with the girls indulge in the cabin, the little shit, sketched a condom, and to steal - no!

 They took the boys with "ten". There was another choice - a new «RAV-4", but it was too showy car, afraid that slept. Travel by car all day, share impressions. The machine is reliable, although, like, abuse. But do not let down, even when they went from cops across the lawn. Probably was a good host. Moreover, one. And about «RAV-4" have nothing to say - there are two owners were in the cabin.

 On the "begotten" do all the traffic lights! And it is on the handbrake!

 I go to the "seven" and grief do not know. Initially, however, a little grieve. There were problems with the gearbox (the car came from the factory without a box and then put the box, but forgot to screw up). But then I still completed the self and even learned how to switch the speed (it is necessary to add a little translational movements and rotational slightly shaking arm). Very highly recommend!

Audi A6
 Recently driven "Audi A6" from Germany. At first there was a small problem: in the trunk of the car showed the former owner, a German. I had to spend on w / e ticket to Düsseldorf him. And so a great car!

Porshe Cayenne Turbo
 Bought "Porsche Cayenne Turbo" drove her 800 meters, after which it took to replace both front fenders, bumper, all lighting fixtures, roof hood, glass, radiator, engine, front suspension. Well, in the building of auto-focus on the little things. And that vaunted German quality ?!

Chevrolet Niva
 His "Chevy-Niva" prepaid I waited six months. But when I got the car, I realized that these were the happiest months of my life. How can I take my money back?

And I like the empty garage. I put his seat aircraft, super sounds, kondishen, all taped. Everything is great! People sell cars! Buy garages!


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