Funny story))

History very real. Last summer, relax by the other in the village. July morning, a light cool breeze, the smell of grass, the sun is already warm, but still dew on the grass, there is no noise, only the birds chirping. How nice. On the river we stomped in the good mood. Designated protected there, so people other than we had just a little bit. A large family with grandparents and children - a girl of 2-3 years and three older boys. Two peasant-farmers in the company's half-liter bottle. Small beach, though small, but we have enough space even settled all at some distance from each other. We are with the men at the edges, as it were, in the middle of the family. Local evidently already firmly hryapnuli vodyary so melted in the sun, interrupting philosophical contemplation infrequent drink. One razomlel very specifically and the second to plunge into nirvana is clearly disturbed children. Especially the girl that rang all around as the tram bell.
 Unable to stand, the man stood up and swaying gait moved to the father of the family to claim. They say we are tired from work and a little baby, and whether it is possible to give, for example, lollipop, so she slowed down a little decibels. Papanka, so as not to inflame the conflict, promised to look into the situation and to cool the emotions called his swim. Splashing, diving, raspberries and whooping filled the whole neighborhood.
The girls kicked out of the water first. It is with a sad view wandered to dry off his blanket when others were still aquatic sausage. Dad tried to bite the water for my mother back. Grandfather swam 15 meters in the last bit of strength and rowed back short idyll. Further events unfolded very quickly. It all started with screaming girls:
 D: - Paapaa ziiiyayaya !!!
 Dad, snorting and choking gambling hunt for my mother's ass:
 - Yes, a little, you can not, you're cold, syusyusyu!
 D: - Paaapaaaa ziiiiyayaya, bofffaaayayaya !!!
 P: - Yes, you can no longer, an hour can be, and now can not be!
 D: - Paaaapaaa ziiiyayaya bofffayayaya maaatriii zeeeeettt !!!
 P: - Yeah, you can see and you can not swim, syusyusyu
 D: - Paaapaaa and ziiiiya not kuffiiit ?????
 At these words awake hitherto farmer jumped up as if stung.
 With wild eyes, shouting: "To nit !!! I schaaasss !!!! "he grabbed Valya next drin and pulled toward the girl by leaps and bounds.
 Dad was dumbfounded. From the water picture looked, probably terribly. On the hypotenuse to the child raced unshaven, drunk subject, with his head on the form are not frail aspen. Probably, my father decided that patience was exhausted man and he wants to raise his dochuru using dubinambura hefty, but get out of tetanus could not only blinked, mumbled and made a scary face. From its stupor he brought mom. With a yell:
 "I'll kill the bitch !!!" she ran across the path. Separated from the shores of its 10 meters, not less, and up to the extreme point of interception, it was much more the pope. But it was the speed !!! By comparison, the swimming champion Popov just a tadpole, and jet ski Yamaha - old catamaran. It is not floating, and jumped in the water to four points as the water meter.
 Yet conditions were not equal, she flew to the shore of a second later, it ran as a land man. All! Dubina got up and fell down with a whistle. The girl screamed, stared at the man, then looked down. Mom ran up and opened her mouth, but before the man spat, rubbed his back, bent down and picked up a hefty viper.
 - Paaaapaaa, plaaahoy dyayatkaaa ziiiyu biiiill !!! - Said the girl.
 - No, daughter, uncle good !!! - Pale dad said.
 While Dad ran after the bubble, all sat very quietly.


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