Lena_Princess writes:
 When the clitoris will grow?
 My guy yesterday I was looking clitoris. Obschupal all up to the ass. He says - I do not have it. He said that the clitoris will grow after we will lie for the first time - is now the clitoris does not grow virgin film. Tell me, how fast it will grow?


 - After graduating from kindergarten.

 - Not funny! :( Then he had me for a long time should be!

 - And how many years the guy ...? maybe he does not know what it is? ))))

 - Remove the stockings did not try?

 - Maybe you're a boy?

 - 1. read it carefully article about the clitoris, where how and why. (use the search)
 2. boy his resigned without severance pay

 - You have not answered me - when he grows up ?! In themselves, probably long clitoris is ... write about pantyhose and other chush ... I - a girl, I'm 14 years old, I had no stockings and no panties, I think Pete 20 and he slept with almost all girls from 11 "B". You know - to me it is very important to know about the clitoris, because it affects, I give myself to Pete or not !!! I own, I suppose, for a long time there clits ...

 - OH YEAH!!! I'm on the roof of the clitoris hundred thousand zillion !!! )))

PS. See post above. clitoris you already have, you need to find it very
 ZZY. Pete has given too early, look first not run any 11 "B" in the ARC. better to wait and even prom ...
 ZZZY. as mentioned above, Petya weaned from breast !!!

 - Lena, ask girlfriends, maybe they know.
 By the way, I know that the breast grows from the cabbage, I ask the guy what to eat to the clitoris grew. Maybe even he knows.

 - I'm sure - I do not have a clitoris. I am good looking and everywhere.
 Anne, thank you for your understanding! You have already increased the clitoris? And girlfriends, I'm not going to ask. Suddenly, they already have a clitoris ?! They will laugh at me, I will call neglamurnaya and tell everyone about my lack!

 - Len ... you're 14, do you Peter attracts only those that he slept with all 11 B ... is it really so cool *?
 To give Pete ... deflower ... then you'll be sorry that it did not with a loved one, I bet.

 - First, Peter is really cool! Secondly, I love it !!! Third, he loves me too !!!

 - And about the clitoris to me everything is clear. You are - a bunch of youngsters, who themselves have still no clitoris, no erection or even dildo. Therefore, you can not tell me how to quickly grow the clitoris. But I still wanted to ask you whether you can make a silicone! But I will not - how do you know?

 - Better plasticine)))

 - Lena did not listen to anyone telling you as a doctor - you have a very serious problem. The problem otsutstviya clitoris 14 year old girls doing even Jewish scholars from the Berlin National Institute of the clitoris, which is located in Madagascar, the capital of Pakistan. Zdelat conclusions were that due vykidov harmful substances into the atmosphere began to occur in girls delay hypertrophy and hyperplasia clitoral fibers. In other words, it does not vyrostayut. Indeed after the rupture of the hymen often all comes back to normal, but it should be done by a physician experienced !!! Otherwise, you may lose all of the clitoris. I am ready to help, above all I say nothing about her boyfriend had done for him a surprise !!! Two weeks later, you wake a clitoris, the entire 11-B will be jealous. And if we in the ass dash, then grow more gorgeous breasts, it is not something that 11B, the entire area will be jealous !!!

 - I congratulate you! do you even know what the guys from childhood has a dick! it's just ginealno you discovered America! Thanks, but I do not know that I have there promesh legs dangling! Mauger and you still know how to distinguish boys from girls? in short, all right, I will not indulge to such a level as yours! to the level of kindergarten!

 - Well, why are you so, young people are hot. Perhaps the girl, and the truth, not the clitoris. Or brain. We need to find out!

 - Peter steep, and he loves you ... so much so loves that all 11 B fuck ..)
 Soon you refill it list, and then he finds another youngster will have to love her ...

 - Peter is a student !!! And you do not understand !!! He loves me!!! He gave me a rose and heart-shaped key chain !!! About 11 B told me Karinka. She's my friend. So what! Well, let! But Peter - a real, experienced man!

 - Damn it, would all these TEENS, which would give for the key and flowers

 - If you were my girl ... and would have loved you ... I would be ... honestly - "shit" that you do not have it ...

 - And the fact that she does not have a brain, you would not give a shit?)))

 - And I do not give a shit !!! I want kletoralny orgasm, I want the clitoris, like all full of women, a large clitoris cool!
 I have a brain !!!

 - Then you are in the wrong place to be!

 - People. And what you've jumped on a girl.
 She asked a normal question. I ask for help and that's all. And you ...
 As for her boyfriend, then I doubt that he loves her. But not for me and not for you to solve it.
In its dealings let them razbirutsya. And do not over her izgalyatsya. She just wants to learn something new. That's all.

And Helen advise you one thing: if you do not hesitate to go to the doctor. If there are problems it will help, but if there are no problems that do not hammer his young head with unnecessary thoughts. Good luck to you!

 - No comment ... hang out there for yourself, I do not understand why all this talk breed ... He loves me ... and still loved the whole 11 B ... then the cat is clear that he was a womanizer ... .a you lead him ... to lose their virginity ... Figure with you ... I gave you advice ... you yourself decide if there is a brain. Yes, come here to breed us suckers that we are 12 years and so on ... we do not learn in school, and people who write here already know a lot of nonsense, and you will not be advised.
 Clitoris she had no ... what a shame ... a loving person ... and still find the clitoris and "huitor" ass ... ... and kiss you properly, say sweet words in your ear, embrace ... you will feel its warmth ...
 And not that it is so cool ... FSUs, cool ... ... furious that word ... cool the eggs in smyatku. )))

 - Funny topic was not. All congratulations! Lena-princess a special thank you. Sam laughed, Daughters read (she can not read Russian) laughed together, and then work on told, and Russian and Hebrew. All laughed. Who is more bright, you can sell humorists. And for the "hard-boiled eggs soft-boiled" Award have to give the name Zhvanetskogo.

 - Hmm. Vzro-oslye them. How! If you're all pretty often adult, you have a clitoris, erection and potency, why none of you normal can not explain where the clitoris will grow ?! I just want to know how long it will take. Nails grow 1 mm per week. And both the clitoris grows?

P.s. About humorists: I ask not to violate my copyright and responsibilities. And besides, nothing funny in my theme there. And who is ridiculous - lozhtes in Kashchenko!

 - Coaching necessary clitoris, and it did not grow)))

 - Well, at least someone knows what to do !!! Tell me how to train, what and how many times a day, and most importantly - how to train that it has grown rapidly ????

 - Suma go !!!)))) Yes ... really more rzhachnye threads ... I have not read it sometimes seems that the nickname Princess hides some prankster)) may well have ... in any case, thank you for lifting mood

 - Reminds topic about Anya and cat castration,)))
 Lena, enough to scoff at people!

 - Here you are laughing at the little girl. And in fact, she raised a very specific topic. I have exactly the same problem - I do not know where my clitoris and I would love to find him. Sex Forum, in my opinion, in order and need to help each other!


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