Engineers have developed a programmable headlight

Scientists at the Institute of robotics University Carnegie Mellon has presented a programmable smart headlights, which provide better visibility on the road, without dazzling the drivers of oncoming cars.

Programmable lights feel and track any number of oncoming vehicles, without introducing light into the eye. In addition, during snow storms or heavy rain, the headlight improves visibility by tracking individual flakes and drops in the immediate vicinity of the car and blocking part of the beam that would reflect back into the driver's eyes.

The developer of the new technology Srinivasa Narasimhan: "More than half of the accidents and deaths on the roads occur at night, despite less traffic. With our programmable system, we can actually make headlights that are even brighter than the existing ones, which do not interfere with other drivers on the road."

The model uses a DLP projector instead of a standard headlight or led. This allowed the researchers to divide the light into a million tiny beams, each of which can be independent and controlled through the onboard computer.

The camera recognizes oncoming vehicles, precipitation, and other objects of interest, such as road signs. A million light beams can be adjusted accordingly, some will Shine less and to spare the eyes of oncoming drivers, while others may be brighter to highlight street signs or objects in the lane of travel. Changes in overall illumination are minor and generally not noticeable by the driver.

"Our system can keep strong rays from blinding the drivers of oncoming traffic when working at normal speeds. Rain and snow present a more difficult problem, the system reduces glare at low speeds, but becomes less effective with increasing".



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