Mahatma Gandhi — 10 tips about changing the world

Mahatma Gandhi needs no detailed introduction. In India, his name surrounded with the same reverence with which pronounced the names of saints. The whole world knows the man who led his country to independence from British government in 1947.

1. Change yourself

"If you want to the world has changed — he become this change"

If you change your thoughts, change your feelings and actions. And thus the world around you will change. Not only because you will look at others through the prism of new feelings and thoughts, but also because the internal changes will allow you to do what you would not do before, relying on the old way of thinking.

2. Gain control

"Without my consent nobody can hurt me"

What you feel and how something react always depends only on you. May be "typical" behavior patterns in different situations, but in most cases you can choose what to think and feel about almost everything.

It might not happen immediately, or it will not happen all the time, and the habit of thinking in the old way will make itself felt.

But gradually you realize that no one from the outside is not really able to manage your feelings and will be able to use this mindset in everyday life.

3. Forgive and forget

"The weak never forgives. Forgiveness is a sign of the strong"

"The principle of "an eye for an eye" can make the whole world blind"

It is impossible to defeat evil with evil. And as stated in the previous tip, you always choose how to treat something. When you begin more and more to resort to this way of thinking, you will be able to relate to what is happening as this is the most useful for you and other people.

If you do not forgive, then the past and allow another person to control your feelings. Forgiving, you free yourself from these shackles and then can focus on something else.

4. Omits, you don't come

"Gram own experience is worth more than tons of other people's instructions"

There is little that can be done, if not to take any action.

You can start to seek solace in the reasoning, as it says, Gandhi. Or endlessly read and learn. And you will feel that you are moving forward. But you will have no real results, or they will be small.

So, in order to really achieve what you want, and truly understand yourself and your world, you need to practice. Books can give you knowledge but not skills. You need to act and implement knowledge in the results.

5. Live in the present

"I do not want to foresee the future. I care about the present. God gave me the opportunity to manage what will be"

The best way to overcome the inner resistance that often prevents us to act, to stay in the present.

Why? When you live real, you don't care what will happen, because you can't control it anyway. And unwillingness to take action that arises from fear of future consequences or past failures, loses its force. It becomes easier to act, focus on the moment, and to show their best side.

6. We are only human

"I declare that I am an ordinary person, who tends to err as any mortal man. However, I have enough humility to admit their mistakes and go back on their word"

"It's unwise to be confident in their own wisdom. It must be remembered that the strongest can be weak, and the wisest may make mistakes"

When you begin to idealize certain people even if they have achieved extraordinary results — you run the risk of separating himself from them. You might get the feeling that you, unlike them, will never be able to achieve such success, due to the fact that they are so much different from you. Therefore it is very important never forget that each of us is an ordinary person, regardless of who he is in life.

It is important to remember that we are all human and each of us can make mistakes. Application to the people to unreasonable standards in the future will only lead to the emergence of an even larger number of completely unnecessary conflicts in your world and negativity within you.

7. Be persistent

"At first you don't notice, then they laugh at you, then you fight, then you win"

Be persistent. Over time, the rejection around you will weaken and then disappear altogether. Weaken your internal resistance and the propensity for self-destruction that pull you back and prevent you to change.

Find out what you really love to do. This will allow you to find the inner motivation to continue again and again to walk on. One of the reasons why Gandhi so successfully applied his method of nonviolent resistance is the fact that he and his supporters were incredibly persistent. They just didn't know the word "quit".

Cases where the success or victory come as quickly as you would like it, very rare. One of the reasons why people never achieve what they want is that they just give up too early. Usually to achieve these goals requires much more time than they expected. Partly this erroneous misconception stems from the world around us — a world full of magic pills from any problems, where in advertising you always promise that you can significantly lose weight or earn a fortune in just 30 days.

Finally, another useful tip on how not to lose persistence — don't lose your sense of humor. This will help you better relate to life in the most difficult times.

8. Look for the good in people and help them

"I'm only counting on the good in people. I myself am not without sin, and because I don't feel entitled to focus on the mistakes of others"

"The greatness of man, especially seen by how it contributes to the well-being of others,"

"I understand that for the ability to lead was required muscles, but now it means the ability to get along with people"

In every man there is good and bad. But you can always choose what to pay attention to. If you want to make positive changes, then the correct solution would be to focus on the good sides of people. This will make your life easier as your relationships become more positive and pleasant.

9. Be harmonious, sincere and be yourself

"Happiness is when what you think, say and do is in harmony"

One of the best tips on improving your communication skills is that you must begin to sincerely communicate and behave with other people. When your thoughts, words and actions become harmonious, you gain immense inner pleasure. You feel a surge of strength and satisfaction to themselves.

If you are truly sincere, people try to really hear what you are saying. After all, your speech is not falsehood, contradiction or any hypocrisy.

But if your actions will not match what you say, then you will begin to lose faith in the fact that they can achieve their goal, and the faith of others in you. Don't be fooled.

10. Continue to grow and develop

"Constant development is the law of life. And the man who all the time tries to adhere firmly established views just for the sake of consistency, driving itself in the wrong position"

You can always improve your skills, change habits or to revise your assessment. You can achieve a deeper understanding of his nature and the world around you.

Of course, you may look illogical or not understand from time to time that you are doing. You may have problems with the achievement of harmony or sincere communication. But if you are going to develop, as did Gandhi put himself in a losing position that you will defend your old beliefs and cling to them to look permanent, until you realize that there is something wrong. Much more useful and happy choosing the path of growth and development.published


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