Known perverts. Art is not a hindrance

The most famous perverts, are some constants VebParka commentators, but they are not known to the public as the person


One of the greatest musicians in the history of mankind has been obsessed with excrement. Although, I must admit that the music he began composing at age 5, when the average child is still poorly understand the difference between an ass and a finger. So wrote Wolfgang Amadeus 600-something musical works, as well as a bunch of letters to his cousin, where quite frankly admitted that he wants to "defecate on her face." Moreover, this young genius gave the world the "Little Night Music", "40th Symphony" and, of course, "Requiem", he created and the product, known as «Leck mir den Arsch fein recht schon sauber» (for the ignorant German - "lick my ass good and clean"). Gandhi.

It is easy to be a poor man, but how easy is it at the same time be chaste, too? Gandhi, we can say there was a tragedy in your life at the moment when he had sex with his wife in the next room, his father died. And so it happened, or rather, had the head of Gandhi, that the spirit of his father flew it at the time of Gandhi, orgasm. Then the chief ideologue of the Indian independence movement decided to observe austerities. That is literally - to live in poverty, do not spoil the karma of bad thoughts and not to have sex. At all. Mahatma practiced celibacy in his most unusual way: as we know, he had a lot of followers and followers who gladly offered to him his body. Gandhi used a set of exercises that looking at naked dancing women do not experience sexual arousal. In fact, he arranged for his training, one of the biggest clubs in mirestrip. Excuse him only one thing - everything was done free of charge. He and his followers practiced "no sexual activity" did not pay a penny.

James Joyce.

The greatest writer of Ireland and the surrounding area, a pioneer of modernist literature, the creator of such masterpieces as "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man," "Dubliners" and, of course, not all osilennogo, but they are not less significant, "Ulysses" was very fond of unconventional sex. Not in the sense - with individuals of the same sex and with the excuse of non-literary, farting. While away, he liked to write long and frank letter to his wife, Nora. If not for them, mankind would never have learned that the classic literature Nora loved the most "bang greatly between fatty thighs and powerfully pёrnut in the face." Once again sorry. Wishes to become more familiar with his writing masterpieces.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

The great French writer, philosopher and thinker of the 18th century, and what there to speak, for all time. Read at least his "reasoning" if shirk this in schools. Always keep this contact for his autobiography. I must say, it is extremely entertaining. From this example, we learn that in order to achieve sexual arousal great Frenchman was to be spanked, and even better - whipped. "He who loves well punishes" - says the inventor of direct democracy. And it admits that this very strange feature of his own laid a governess in his childhood spank a child for any fault

Benjamin Franklin.

The politician, diplomat, statesman, scientist and inventor, forever imprinted on the 100-dollar bill, a good time with the elderly ladies. No, really old. The mistress, he chooses a woman of 20-30 or even 40 years older than themselves. Why he chose a mistress old women, even though he was an ardent defender of the institution of marriage? Because, as he wrote in a letter to a friend, "They have more experience, they are more intelligent and restrained, the best kept secret and do not cause suspicion of adultery. As for the fact that below the belt - you can never distinguish a young woman from the old. " It follows that it did not matter with whom to sleep, but he is still a preference given to those who have experience and cooking skills.

Albert Einstein.

I must say the most harmless in this list. The greatest minds of the XX century, of course, the most loved science and only science. Well, and after it - everything that moves, and what wearing a skirt. He was married twice (once to his cousin), and honestly cheated on both wives. Although, I must say in his defense, his first wife, he provided a list of rules, which was the point of that she did not expect him "no intimacy, no loyalty." Before marrying his cousin Elsa, he almost tied the marriage with her 22-year-old daughter. In general, it pereimel, frankly, almost all of his female relatives. Then he began for his secretary, and then housekeeper, and then ... well, you understand, the scientist tried to prove his theory of relativity, the most banal way. How many women he can debit relative eternity.


The third of Julio, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, also known by his nickname Caligula. They say that it began with the sunset of the Roman Empire. Although, of course, he does not like Nero marked (that is known to have burned Rome, and committed adultery with her own mother - or rather, it is to him), he was able to Caligula for his short but very fun board to turn the imperial palace into a brothel. Naturally. All who wish it served the wives and daughters of senators, the money went to the treasury. Is it good or bad? Definitely - fun. Against this background, even as it fades and becomes uninteresting fact that he slept with his own sister. And periodically he married brides of their military commanders. Just to annoy the

Donasen Alfon Francois de Sade

French aristocrat, writer and philosopher, became famous due to the fact that he was a preacher of absolute freedom is not limited nor morality, nor religion, nor right, but only quench the aspirations of the individual. At the time when the show's knee, pulled into a stocking, it was considered top of immorality, the Marquis de Sade wrote about such things, from which even the modern man hair stand on end. For what, in fact, it and planted. However, soon after, he came out of the dark dungeons, he organized in his castle a haven for perverts, sexual slaves settled there either sex for pleasure. This sex Castle, true idiot. Spent in prisons and asylums in the overall ease of 32, the Marquis de Sade gave the world the term "sadism" and explained that currently enjoy can be delivered, lashing someone whip


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