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New Year is around the corner, as has been seen, so it is worth considering, and should look like a real aunt, in order to stand out from the crowd scented prude in evening dresses? Here are some fairly low-budget options New Year's decorations, hastily constructed from scrap materials.

 Take a turtleneck and black sweat pants, toothpaste and paint them white specks. In the ass pin pinned belt from his robe. Then the main secret - the forces of any individual male inflates medical glove of the largest size, tied with string. The rope is hooked to the front of sweat pants, the whole structure symbolizes the udder. Then you only build two horns trimmed and packed than the second-string finger gloves, and attach them to the hair. You can buy ready-made horns, which are sold in a department of jokes. The key to success - in any conversation periodically insert their weighty "MU" in the subject and not in the subject, and sometimes encroach on a host herbs in pots. Completely get used to the image and leave the cake on the master floor can be traumatic.

 We remember, whether we have the familiar diver. Remembering lend his rubber suit with flippers and mask, but without an aqualung. Dressed in a suit, tape is attached to the head with a portable antenna from the TV. Now just need to walk around, slapping flippers around the Christmas tree.

 A month before the holidays begin to eat much. Typing New Year 10 kg, clothed in something tight, silver-ceroe, to stretch the head mask. The suit is ready.
 Recommended for use on the man she loved. The pharmacy bought diapers for the bedridden patients required size. On the market by a brief search are knitted sneaker style "booties". Naked man get oneself in a diaper, booties, hung around the neck of the nipple. Especially advanced needlewoman can build from my grandmother's lace panties giant cap. As such, the man power push out in places where people celebrating.

 For the construction of this suit, we need an assistant with strong nerves and 3-4 rolls of toilet paper. Assistant, holding hysterical neighing, tape up your body with toilet paper, sometimes leaving a nice, long tails hanging freely from 20 to 50 cm. The carcass tape up completely, leaving only a narrow slit for the eyes and mouth. As the rehearsal you can run around the room, whimpering and quivering tails fluttering paper. Especially impressed with the suit makes use of paper gentle colors, with flowers, hearts and other similar shnyazhkami. If an assistant in convulsive sobs clogged, then the desired effect is achieved.

 We need two vests, one normal size, the other - twice the size. We put a small vest. Neck vest connect the second beam from the beam produced a small rope. We put on this building, like pants, so that the beam with a rope fell on the ass. This will be the tail. Now you just learn how to gracefully buck leg as Ballerina.

Traffic light
 We need a tube of a cream to warm up with a burning effect. This thick cream smear the face, neck and décolleté for 2 hours before the celebration. Half an hour later the procedure is repeated. When the smear region reaches shade over-ripe tomatoes, put on a yellow blouse from angora and green sweat pants. All traffic ready.

 Take lots and lots of balloons in red, find an assistant with lung development, and commit to inflate all the balls. Glue balls bilateral tape together into a sort of spherical cocoon with 4 holes. Stuck in the cocoon of his body. From the top hole should hang his head, arms protrude on the sides, bottom leg should be present. Try not to mix anything. On his head is pulled green mohair beret with pimpochkoj on top. Now, your task - to spread out awkwardly, carefully avoiding sharp objects, people with lit cigarettes and festive mood of children.

 Take some thread a piece of cardboard, and cut out her wings required size.
The pad layout as take not recommend. Next generously coated with the resulting mugs adhesive on both sides. With a sharp knife deftly ripped open the belly of the pillow, and the resulting pile of shit white poppy our wings. Lie in their pen heap defer to dry. Now we need a toilet seat, it is in the form of an open oval. Cover it with silver or gold paint from a container, glue parallel to it a few raindrops. It will be a harp. Or lira. As you like. We put on a white nightgown (no ducks and daisies), to which the advance was sewn wings take up. As a final touch, clasp cling to the head foil disposable plates (round is desirable, but much will eccentric and square), it will be a halo. All that is now left at the end of the festival is a special signature celebration parties, and an angelic voice broadcast the upcoming end of the world.

 We need a green shaggy angora koften and the same punching or long skirt. With shaggy body weight wrong pins glass beads, flashlights, rustling and shiny Christmas nonsense. From hair should collapse on top Dulko on Dulko pull peaked or star herringbone blotch. Along the perimeter of face lipstick drawn clock face, in the center of the arrow in the pose of the holiday.

 (special effects) to visit elderly relatives and lend their sheepskin coat and fur hat Soviet model. Don fur coat out on the earflaps to blossom bow on top, but leave the ears stick out. Macao tip of the nose in a jar with shoe polish. For special effects you will need a large enema tube and dropper on a little more than half a meter long. Enema filled with water and tape fastened under the knee. The handset starts along the thighs, the tip is exposed, sorry, between the legs. During the celebration roam on all fours. While walking around the room you need to bark at beautiful ladies in evening dresses, scattering them. When the handsome man in a tuxedo is recommended to screw up the leg (which prilyapana enema) and by bending his legs at the knees, howling with delight trickle allow to approach. When used properly, special effects spotlight guaranteed.

I hope our recommendations will help you to make the meeting a memorable New Year 2007.


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