50 things I want to teach my son

Recently I thought seriously about his relationship with his son. I love him, but all that I can and should give him a chance? That task was not trivial: so really serious, not on the run, sit down and calmly think: "And whether my kids develop? If I'm pleased with how we communicate? And they? What should I teach my children and what they are taught in reality?"


No, I'm not saying to go eat or to make complex scientific plans of "moral-psychological training of the younger generation," let those in the schools involved. But some certainty in this issue to make worth it.

Then I sat down and made a list of things that have to teach his son.

How to ride a bike.

How to throw the ball and get in the ring.

How to organize your read and how to write well.

That life not only has a beginning and an end.

How to treat women.

Relationship is a two way street.

The fight is not good, but necessary.

How to shave.

If you think that the girl is beautiful, you have to tell her.

Not everyone on the planet there is abundance, so be thankful for what you have.

Don't deny help to those who really need it.

The only support you can definitely count on in this life is your strength and skill.

Our planet needs protection. Do not litter to begin with.

To live is sometimes very difficult. But after the fall always rise.

Easy life is a boring life. A boring life is a wasted life.

The world is not just your house and the neighboring yard. It's big, and his need to explore.

Everything in the world logically and everything has its explanation. If you met the magic, it means that you just can't see transparent threads of a magician.

You learn while you live. Conversely, you live as long as never cease to learn.

Logic and reason is all you need in life.

Knowledge is power, Yes. But some things are better not to know.

If you're in love, try to keep this feeling as long as possible.

Be slow in relationships. This area does not tolerate the hustle and bustle.

The decision to live together is a very big step. Very often after that, everything collapses.

If the relationship is exhausted, then have the courage to finish them. Get on with it.

Sometimes you have to lie. And the only reason that determines whether it's right or not.

Drugs are too expensive. You will have to give his life for them.

... and the same with alcohol.

...but it's not about sex.

If sex is not too good, then make it so. If you can, you should go.

Sex really important in relationships.

You never take the second grade just because it is accessible.

Honesty is the Foundation of a successful relationship. With the exception of certain cases when the lie is really necessary.

Always follow your inner compass. He will tell you the correct and honest way.

Be kind to people and appreciate them.

The main goal in life is to find my purpose.

Your task is to do something that benefits the people, and you pleasure. If neither the first nor the second, it makes no sense to do it.

Always try to win.

Take defeats as lessons.

Never give up on your dreams.

You need to assign a long-term and short-term goals for yourself.

You can control your body and mind.

Meditate regularly.

Stay physically active and keep in shape.

Proper nutrition is the key to health, and is the most valuable thing in life. Literally.

Sex. Always. In any case, as long as you're not married.

It is not necessary to have children too early. But to pull it too is not necessary.

Love is important.

You are responsible for your life.

Your family is always there for you. But you have to be close to family.

Life doesn't consist of partying with friends, but having good friends makes it great.

Dmitry Gorchakov


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