Monica Bellucci: "I'm afraid of death»

Sixty five million eight hundred ninety seven thousand one hundred sixty nine

The main beauty of the European cinema of today is 50. We will not at this day think of her best movies or love story with Vincent Cassel, and talk all about other things.We love Monica Bellucci? The answer, it would seem, on the surface – for the beauty and acting talent. But this is only part of the truth. Actually most of all we love her because she surprises us. Surprizes…

Fifty million seven hundred sixty seven thousand two hundred fifty three


She lives in harmony with himself and in an interview has always stressed that beauty is not a guarantee of harmony. Yes, with the appearance of her to be honest, lucky, but she knows a lot of beautiful and very unhappy people. She accepts and loves himself. Slender and plump after the birth loves. And still loves life. And grateful for all that he has.

Five million sixty seven thousand six hundred eighty seven


In a world where everyone is obsessed with youth, it does not want to be forever young. No soul or body. Youth Monica is not very much. Because youth are complexes, insecurities and ignorance of life. But maturity is a much better time when you already know their value and understand themselves.

Plastic surgery she does and is not going. In her own words she "is going to grow old beautifully". This wonderful woman is not afraid of old age, but afraid of death, because she has two children and she wants to see how they Mature.

Forty one million five hundred sixty four thousand four hundred thirty two


...Postoyanstva can so a beautiful woman from the world of red carpets to be faithful to one man when there are so many temptations?

Every second character gossip has a long row of adultery, divorce and Affairs. But not for her. Behind Monica's two marriages. On the ground little is known, but the second with the French actor Vincent Cassel 14 years was under the scrutiny of the press. For all these years, Monica never accused of treason. Of the yellow press tried to attribute to her an affair with another partner on the set, but the gossip to her wonderfully molested.




Fifty one million fifty three thousand eighty five


...FIDELITY EUROPEAN Kinopolis Hollywood, the actress moved to live in the USA, like I do European actors, having achieved recognition in the Factory of Dreams, but rather returned to European cinema. Explaining that Hollywood is obsessed with youth and beauty 90-60-90, she is wrong. And to join in the party she does not want to. She gave birth to a daughter, lazy, loves to eat and instead of going to the gym wears black – it is so much more practical. And absolutely not going to change their habits and way of life for American cinema. Although it respects Hollywood and do not consider it a factory mass product.


Forty three million seven hundred eighty two thousand two hundred nine


...UNCONVENTIONAL AND OUTSPOKEN, SOZDANIYAMI of femininity: "I'm always in some sense wanted to be a Mature woman. One of the happiest days of my life – the day when I started menstruation at twelve years. That day I felt so badly that I'm not a kid anymore, I'm a woman. Like the first time I found myself".

The beauty and glory: "to Walk down the street it became even more difficult: before just because I was beautiful, and now because I'm so handsome and famous. They all want you, and all at the same time hate you."



About government: "why they (men) are fighting for power? To have sex with a woman. And the woman is eager for power for power's sake, because sex and so she is."

All of its 50 years of Monica, demonstrates how to properly handle the talent and beauty, and with life in General.



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