House of beer cans in Houston, Texas

House made of beer cans, built in Houston, Texas, was officially named a local landmark. It was created by the late John Milkovich, who began to collect material for unique homes in the 1970s. He cut the collected cans and made them flat for facing a house whose walls were also built of beer bottles, according to Inhabitat.

In addition to beer cans Milkovich used broken glass to decorate the area. Cover from the core material served as the basis for a glowing decorative panels. Now the house is open to visitors, it oversees non-profit art organization, the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art.

Milkovich was born in the era of the great Depression, so he had the habit to save on everything and use everything again. Looking at the accumulated in the basement of an old beer cans, he decided to flatten them all by hand and start building a unique home. The first wall was laid in 1968. He also added in the walls of beer bottles, which now give an interesting lighting effect indoors. A fence around the site he built from the boxes of bottles and cans.



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