Homemade, unleavened bread made on rye sourdough

Master-class on making sourdough bread for rye flour.

This starter you can prepare at home from scratch. Sourdough is usually prepared 3-5 days, depending on the temperature in the room. Once opened, the yeast makes sense to cherish, cherish — with time it only gets better the bread turns out thicker and faster.

Take 0.5 cups store-bought or freshly-ground rye flour, add 0.5 cups of water, stir, and tightly tie the neck of the container with a cloth for air access and put to warm. It is better to put it in a quart jar – it is easier to feed and monitor the growth, not to "run away". A couple of times a day, it is desirable to open and shuffle to the top is not formed a crust or mold infested.

In the following days add each day a portion of the feeding – even half a Cup of rye flour and half a Cup of water which should be stirred and put into the fermenter.

After 5 days rising the leaven is ready for bread baking. The first time you can try to put bread on the fourth day, if the yeast foams well. It should be kept in a cool place (fridge, cellar), feeding not less than once in a few days. If you bake bread often enough (2 times a week), it is possible to feed only the day before baking. If viewed from the top and start to wind up the mold, carefully remove the top layer with a spoon and will feed the yeast. In yeast only to add the rye flour.
Preparation of the bread

About a day before baking to move the starter from cold to warm and feed. When the starter will increase in volume twice, to set aside about 4 tablespoons of yeast (half a Cup) into the container for the test. The first few times after making sourdough from scratch is to increase the number of "young" leaven in the gate.

In the container for the dough to mix a liter of water and flour to the consistency of thick cream, add the starter culture – this is called shutter. Leave it overnight in a warm place.
In the morning, carousing, well-spanishize shutter add sugar or honey, salt, additives and flour until the consistency "to stand a spoon in".

By lunchtime, usually, the dough is already possible to shift into a greased form, put them in warm (for example, slightly warmed oven, or in a greenhouse, or over gas or under the battery) and wait a bit until the dough will fit.

Bake for about an hour at medium temperature (the first 5-10 minutes on maximum heat, then 40 minutes at the minimum). It is important to carefully propagate bread, because otherwise it can get moist inside. Do not worry if the optimal degree of propagandisti not work the first time, ovens are different and need to adapt. The paddle and dough for bread, you can add any flour, not just rye.

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