4 selected UNLEAVENED dough for fluffy and tasty bread



1 day: 100 g rye whole grain flour mix with water to the consistency of thick cream, cover with a cloth and put in a warm place without drafts.

Day 2: the starter you should see the bubbles. If they are little, nothing to worry about. Now the yeast to feed. Fill up 100 g of flour and add water to again get the consistency of thick cream. Again leave in a warm place.

Day 3:the sourdough has grown in size and has a foamy structure. Again, add 100 g of flour and water and leave in a warm place.

Through the day the leaven is ready to use.


Day 1: mash a handful of raisins, mix with ½ Cup water and ½ Cup rye flour, add 1 tsp of sugar or honey, put it in the jar, cover with a cloth or a leaky lid and put in a warm place.

Day 2: starter strain, add 4 tbsp flour and warm water until thick cream and again put in a warm place.

Day 3:the sourdough is ready. Divide it in half, in one part add 4 tbsp flour, water (until thick sour cream) and refrigerate. Another part to use for baking bread.


Day 1: 1 Cup of grain (wheat for wheat bread or rye – for "black") to soak for sprouting, cover the bowl with a towel, in a warm place.

Day 2: if the grain is sprouted not all, wash it, leave in a warm place until evening. The sprouted grain to grind, mix with 2 tablespoons rye flour, 1 tsp sugar or honey, put in a warm place under a cloth or towel.

Day 3: starter to share, leave in the fridge, and the other part used for preparation of sourdough.


Take an old yogurt or kefir (preferably homemade), aged it a few (2-3) days prior to bubbling and separation of the water and smell characteristic sour yogurt.

Dobavim rye flour to the consistency of liquid cream, stir well and cover with gauze and leave for the day. The starter will be actively fermenting to occur, it will start to perkiset.

Through the day add rye flour to the dough consistency for pancakes medium thickness, stir thoroughly. Again cover and leave until then, until it is ripe.

It takes a few hours and the yeast begins to bubble and rise, if the capacity was small, it could get out of it. In this active state it can be added to the dough.published


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