Miyamoto Musashi — The Way Of Strategy

Musashi is known in Japan as "Kensei", meaning "Holy Sword". "Go Rin, the CoE" is at the beginning of every Kendo bibliography, being unique book, illuminating as the strategy of military action and methods single match. It is not a dissertation on military Affairs, it is, in the words of Musashi, only "a guide for men who want to learn the art of strategy", but the content is always beyond the comprehension of the student. The more I read this book, the more you find in its pages. This will Musashi, the key to the way in which he walked. He was not yet thirty when he became an invincible warrior, but not a donkey, nor founded a school, filled with consciousness of success, and with redoubled zeal plunged into a further search. Even to the end of his master despised a life of luxury and lived for two years in a mountain cave in deep contemplation. The behavior of this fearless and stubborn man had no doubt humble and sincere.

Musashi wrote: "When you attain the Way of Strategy, there isn't anything you couldn't understand" and "You will see the Way in everything." Indeed, he himself became a master in everything. He created remarkable works of ink painting, may be more valued by the Japanese than any other works of this genre. In his paintings, cormorants, herons, Buddhist God of Khotey, dragons, flowers and birds, the bird of the dry tree, Daruma (Bodhidharma) and many more. Musashi became a master calligrapher, evidenced by his work, "Sankey" ("fighting spirit"). In one of the private collections is a small wooden statuette of a Buddhist Saint, to Fudo MEO, the hands of a wizard battle. Recently lost his sculpture of Kannon. Musashi has created a number of works of metal and founded a school of manufacturers Gard for swords. It is believed that he was the author of countless poems and songs. None of them, unfortunately, have not survived. It is also told that the shogun Iemitsu ordered specially made Musashi to write the sunrise over Edo castle.

His paintings are often stamped "Musashi" or the alias "Niten". "Neten" means "Two skies" that sometimes is associated with persistent warrior, vostavshie two swords over his head. Musashi is the founder of the school of fencing known as the "Niten ryu" or "ryu Amma" ("clear circle").


Musashi wrote: "Learn the Ways of all professions". He had done so. He was adopted life experience not only of famous masters of the sword, and monks, strategists, artists and craftsmen, trying to expand their knowledge. Musashi wrote about various aspects of Kendo, so that a novice can examine the text based on their Luggage, and the Kendo master was found in the same words a higher level of knowledge. The text of labour applies not only to military strategy, but to any situation where you need tactics. Japanese businessmen now use "Go Rin But That" as a guide to business practices, conducting sales campaigns like military operations, using the same energetic methods. Just as Musashi seemed cruel person, in fact, pursuing a high ideal, to most people a successful business certainly seems unscrupulous, So that the teachings of Musashi relevant in twentieth century as well as on the medieval battlefield, and is applicable not only to Japanese, but to all races and peoples. The spirit of this doctrine can be summed up in two words: humility and hard work.

He taught that a true warrior should represent himself as already dead. Then he gets rid of the fear of death and desire life. His mind is like clear mirror, instantly reflecting any changes 80 the outside world. Looking in the mirror one sees only his reflection and notices the most polished surface. Therefore, the ability to remain undetected, the ninja were associated with detachment and inner peace, which followed from the absolute self-control.

You need to be able not just to camouflage in the grass, hiding in the trees and in the corridors of the castles, but especially no different from the world. So the ninja has to be in complete harmony with nature and the place, wherever his fate.


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