How to grow parsley on the windowsill

Fresh herbs — tasty and healthy addition to many dishes. But if you have ever bought in the winter of parsley at the store should know what it is tasteless. First, gross, because usually overgrown. Second, the dark green color that sometimes shows the presence of nitrates. And third, certainly not so fragrant as home-grown in the garden.

Use parsley undeniable. So today let's talk about how to grow parsley on the window sill! Moreover, soon the holidays... how cool would it be to decorate the salad to your own parsley!

What varieties of parsley are suitable for the window sill?

Depends on the variety not so much, but it is desirable that it was early maturing. Early-maturing varieties of parsley can begin to cut for 10 days sooner than the mid - and late-maturing.

To early include the following varieties: Astra, Gloria, Ordinary sheet, Beads, Emerald lace, Morning freshness, Russian feast, Wellness, Green pearls, Witch, grandma's garden, scented walkway, etc.

Note: here are listed the varieties and conventional leaf parsley, and curly. It is believed that curly is better suited for the decoration of dishes, although personally I prefer the usual.

Growing parsley from seed

Parsley seeds soak for 1-3 days before sowing. Twice a day change the water. Then the seeds germinate quickly and amicably. And for a couple of hours before sowing put them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Take a box (required with drainage holes) and fill it with soil. You can use as the land is prepared beforehand on the dacha, and a special store-bought.

Pour your home a "bed" of hot water and lightly tamp.

Do the grooves in accordance with the instructions on the packet of seeds. However, the distance between the grooves can be reduced.

Visivite seeds shallowly, no more than 0.5 cm the Soil should be moist. In order to exclude formation of a "crust" on the soil, pour it loose soil layer of approximately 1 cm.

To grow parsley from seed on the windowsill, it is important to observe some conditions:

It is impossible to prevent drying out of the soil and excessive moisture content. To do this, times a day need moderate watering: be careful not eroding the soil. When the seedlings appear, watering can be increased. Especially if there is a battery in the room dry air.

It is important to observe optimal thermal conditions. Ideally, from +15 to +20 º C. At low temperatures the growth will slow down, while increasing the parsley to start to dry.

Maintain the duration of daylight. For this above the box, about 60 cm from it, you can place a fluorescent light.

Young seedlings is recommended to thinif planted very often.

When the parsley is already old enough, it can be cut. It is believed that the optimal "maturity" — branches with a height of 10-12 cm the Cons of this method: a lot of trouble. Besides, the first harvest will be only a month after 1.5. But to grow parsley will last longer!

The cultivation of parsley root

Than comfortable with this way? No need to wait for seeds to sprout. Besides, if you transplant parsley from his garden, will know, a good grade or not. How to plant parsley roots? It's simple:

Prepare the box for planting. First disinfect it. Suitable weak solution of potassium permanganate. The bottom fill with drainage (about 1.5 cm). And the rest a mixture of peat, humus, sand and the usual loam (2:1:1:1). Ready-made potting mix, too.

Preferably at the end of October, before freezing of the soil, dig the thin roots of parsley. Optimal size: length 5 cm, width 2-4 cm Although it is believed that the larger the spine, the more it will be kidneys. In General, the size is not so important. Dug? Now transplant them in the box. To observe a large distance is not necessary: you can put frequently, almost back to back. The soil should be moist. Outside leaving only the apical Bud. Or rather, until only the head.

Gently push the soil and liberally pour.

at first, the drawer is better to remove in a cool place: for example, insulated balcony;

need to be watered moderately;

with the emergence of a crop, drag the box in a warm place (20 ° C);

periodically turn the box the other side (this should be done and when growing parsley from seed);

include additional lighting, especially on cloudy days;

when the parsley started to grow, need to be watered often and abundantly.

If done correctly, the New year you will have your harvest parsley, straight from the windowsill. Imagine how beautiful it is: behind a window a Blizzard, and on the window — lush, lush green! Another advantage of growing from the roots during the winter, it is possible to make some such wygonik. And all the winter will have its own greens!

Parsley can be fed with special fertilizers. That is, if you notice that the plants are weakened. And in the spring the plants can be moved to the balcony.


So, homemade parsley grows quickly, contains no chemicals for the body is extremely useful.



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