How to choose the ginger and how to store them

Choice ginger root is very simple in comparison with some fruits and vegetables, choosing which you can navigate to many visible and invisible factors.

The degree of freshness can be determined visually. If ginger root is intact, smooth, flat surface with the skin is Golden, then we can say with confidence that the root is fresh. Old and poor quality root easily determined by bugristoe, the thickening and the presence of eyes, very similar to potato.

It should be noted that the useful properties of ginger is best stored in fresh ginger root, not chopped or pickled. It is the root contains most of the nutrients.

How to store ginger root?Once the ginger is selected and purchased, you need to know how to store them. For different types of ginger shelf life will be different. Therefore, it is desirable to know these conditions so that during storage of ginger he could keep their beneficial properties as long as possible.

Storing ginger root in the refrigerator Ginger root is pretty long shelf life, but gradually he loses the beneficial properties and becomes less useful than it was in fresh state. To store ginger root, needed wrapping it in plastic wrap, but it must be dry. It is considered that it should be stored not longer than a week in the fridge, on the lower shelves or compartments for vegetables. But this seems like something far-fetched and too small, given the fact that he was still in the store knows how many already.

In the freezerit is believed that if the ginger stored in the freezer in a plastic bag, it all its beneficial qualities save.

How to store dried embarissing ginger stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature for quite a long time, like six months. But before to use it, you need the ginger to soak in ordinary water for at least 6-8 hours.

Storing ground gingerGinger root in powdered form should be stored in sealed containers at temperatures up to 35°C.

Pickled gingerpickled ginger If will be stored in the refrigerator, its shelf life will be about a month.

Storing ginger infusions and decoctionsof Ginger decoction or infusion can be stored for about three hours at room temperature and more than five hours in the refrigerator. Container with the infusion should be closed. If you need to make a decoction of ginger, it will be necessary after the refrigerator to hold it at room temperature for several hours. If you are strained infusion when it is cooking, the taste will intensify.



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