Fluffy wind generator

To depart from the usual forms of wind generators, but not to lose in the content, the Swedish firm Belatchew Arkitekter has developed the project of a new generator. It looks like a beautiful sea anemone.

The architects called the project "Colonoscop" (Strawscrapper). According to them should look like wind farms of the future. They want to attach the tentacles to nezavershennoe skyscraper Seder Thorne (Söder Torn), which began in the 90-ies of the last century as a residential building with a height of 40 floors, but stopped at 24.

We want to breathe new life into the Seder Thorne and at the same time, to investigate technologies for the creation of wind farms of the future. A plurality of thin tentacles will sway in the wind and produce electricity. As a result, we will be able to place wind generators on every building. This technique will make the surface of buildings in the plant.

Imagination paints the city in which, as on a coral reef, all shimmers and moves smoothly. Surrealism of some kind. But besides the futuristic design has more practical advantages. For example, such generators are safe for birds and bats. They will work even in low wind. And they will look very spectacular.published

Source: thinkgreen.ru


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