How to make the best use of the time

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All people are equal in one. Regardless of the material position, status, and other characteristics all have the same amount of time available daily. However, the right to dispose of their 24 hours can not every.

Time management dedicated entire volumes, its basic principles are taught many truly successful people repeatedly on personal experience convinced of their effectiveness.

However, there are many those who are not even aware of the existence of such a subject as the theory of time management. However, to learn about how to use it in their own lives, not hurt anyone.

How to manage time Various theorists, time management, tend to converge on a few basic principles which are to learn how to effectively use the time is impossible. One of the main rules — planning of their cases. Many modern people who are in a state of permanent trouble, just have to visually imagine what they will be doing in each day.

To do this, make task lists. They can be quite extensive, and time will not be enough to carry them out. Here certainly useful to the principles of the so-called Eisenhower matrix. Through it all things sistematizirovat in its importance and urgency, are distributed into four categories.

Systematization of priorities simple. The first group includes the important and urgent things, and secondly – the important not urgent, in the third – unimportant urgent and in the fourth (sometimes called the "wastebasket") – unimportant and not urgent. Priority, oddly enough, will be the second of the above categories. If people will focus on them, it is extremely rare – and that mostly not by their own lack of organization — will face require early implementation cases.

In practice, important not urgent tasks can be course or a diploma, which the student need to pass at the end of the semester. Or assigned to the employee's supervisor a job with a deadline in a month. If immediately to take them and slowly run, parallel to the coping with other, more urgent matters, that in time they will have long been completed. Setting the timing is another important principle.

Another well-known principle of time management is the combination of different tasks. Unfortunately, many underestimate him. For example, an effective owner can load in the washing machine the linen, dishwasher – dirty dishes and Cutlery, and at the same time to have lunch/dinner.

Also, until the dish is cooked (if it is not needed at this time to follow), you can do the cleaning. Office worker it will be easy waiting for an important Fax, for example, to make the contract or the paperwork for the shipment of goods. In regard to the completely different task of your must-do list.

What is wrong those who do not have time, however, it is not necessary to be a notorious perfectionist. Certainly, any business ought to perform well. However, this does not mean that they must literally "lick". Between a job well done and end it "carelessly" – a huge gap, and cross it is not so simple.

The one who wants to learn how to effectively use their own time should not be a workaholic. Undoubtedly, there will be a situation in which you will have to stay at work, but the person is actively applying the rules of time management, this happens extremely rarely. Besides, he will remember that at the end of the working day it is important to relax both mentally and physically.

The evening should be spent with family members, friends, favorite hobby – in short, with those and the thing that brings peace and satisfaction with the main job is not connected. And be sure to allocate enough time for sleep.

No less important, and the proper organization of the workplace. All documents and other items there must be orderly, easy to find what you need. Besides the clutter in the environment greatly reduces the enthusiasm and ability to work.

If employees are other employees, then he should learn to delegate some of its tasks and to periodically monitor their performance. Then the work will be completed in a timely manner, and to work hard because she did not have to.published



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