Elon Musk: people are forbidden to drive cars

Co-founder and head of Tesla Elon Musk believes that human-driven cars eventually will be outlawed – they will be replaced by robotic counterparts. Just unmanned vehicles will be better able to cope with the management. "Cars will be something of a lift. Once the lift was managed by the operators, and then people have created a simple circuit that allows the lift to automatically stop at the right floor," — says Musk. Now the planet is two billion cars. In order to translate them into Autonomous control, it will take twenty years.

Tesla has already added some options for Autonomous steering in their cars: Model S independently regulate the speed, slows down and helps to keep range, using built-in sensors. The next step will be the unification of navigational options with the autopilot for the highway.

The most difficult part of creating autopilots is the development of car control at speeds from 24 to 80 kilometers per hour. In this mode the vehicle meets the most unpredictable obstacles: playing children, cyclists, open hatches. These are the factors that the robot may not be able to respond — including a lack of response.

But it must not only ulusal sensors and computers: we need to make sure that nobody could hack the car. Musk said that he was attracted to the company by, so they tried to hack the Tesla. One of the ways to deal with safety issues is often to upgrade the software.

In November, Elon Musk said that artificial intelligence threat to humanity. But in the case of cars he thinks we have nothing to fear — we are talking about uzkospetsializirovannye varieties of AI. published

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