Elon Musk: in cities need to build more tunnels to unload transport traffic

Last guest podcast on Star Talk Radio was Elon Musk. He, along with leading podcast - known popularizer of science and astrophysics Neil Tyson Degrassi < / a> - touched on several interesting topics. For example, Musk said that he thinks about flying cars and that should take the city authorities to reduce congestion. Musk also remembered how at one time he had spent a month at $ 30, trying to figure out if he can do what he likes without having to be distracted by earning money.

In the course of the conversation about the development of flying cars Musk offered his solution to the problem of traffic jams. He talks about in this way: if mankind effectively uses the space in all three dimensions, building skyscrapers in large quantities, then why not do just as well in a horizontal plane? "We need more tunnels" - Musk says. This is, in his opinion, will lead to the fact that the landscape of cities can seriously change, but in general will give the residents of megacities more freedom of movement.

But flying cars - not a very good solution, thinks Elon Musk. His arguments on this issue are as follows: on the head of the people might have something to fall, it is necessary to solve the problem of bad weather and flying cars are noisy. In addition, it is necessary to solve the serious problem of autonomous management of such vehicles, or a driver's license will be like getting a pilot's license.

Musk also remembered one of the episodes of his youth. Born in South Africa Ilon the age of 17 he moved to Canada to get an education and to avoid military service in their homeland. Realizing that in America a lot more opportunities to realize themselves in a high-tech business, Musk two years later moved to the University Pensivalvanii, where he successfully studied physics and economics. Around this time, dreaming about how it will change the world through the Internet and space research, Ilona decided to check himself - if he could live for a month at $ 30, working hard to initiate their future business.

As it turned out, completely. Within a month, the young Ilon ate hot dogs and oranges, sometimes switching to pasta with tomato sauce. It turned out that it is enough cheap apartments, computer, unpretentious food and activities you love. This gave Mask confidence that it does not need anything special to begin to change the world, because he wants it.

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