Bile stasis: how to avoid it and how to treat

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Unpleasant, bitter taste in the mouth and lack of interest in food are familiar to many. Constipation and pain in right hypochondrium is also surprise is that exceptional adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Those pesky, but at first glance not the most serious disorders of the body we are often willing to wait. Meanwhile, all this could be symptoms of the dangerous disorders of the liver and biliary system: cholestasis, or more simply, retention of bile. We offer to understand the consequences of stagnation of bile, where it comes from, how to avoid it and how to treat if the diagnosis is made.

Bile stasis: what is it Cholestasis is a decrease the bile flow into the duodenum. This problem may be caused by dysfunction of the gallbladder, biliary pathology, violation of the synthesis of components of bile, cirrhosis, malnutrition, parasitic infections, various disorders in the nervous and endocrine systems or other causes, but in any case, the stagnation of bile the liver that suffers.

Violations in the work of this important organ including digestion and cleaning the body, immediate effect on General health. Ill begin to feel constant fatigue, weakness and lethargy. Also symptoms of cholestasis are:
  • icteric staining of the skin, whites of the eyes and visible mucous membranes;
  • itchy skin, especially on hands and feet;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • periodic nausea and even vomiting;
  • bad breath;
  • dark urine and light stool;
  • the increase in size of the liver.
Bile stasis entails a violation coordinated work of the entire digestive system. For cholestasis can come and diseases such as:

  • cirrhosis;
  • liver failure;
  • vitamin deficiency and osteoporosis as a consequence of lack of vitamins A and D, the absorption of which prevents the disease;
  • cholecystitis.
Stagnation of bile in the gall bladder contribute to the too long breaks between meals. Consequently, the frequent ignoring of Breakfast, lunch or dinner can automatically put you in the queue for the appointment with the hepatologist-gastroenterologist.

There may be people who are not particularly fond of physical exercise and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Also at risk for the disease cholestasis are alcoholics, people suffering from problems with the digestive tract, patients with stones in the biliary tract.

Sometimes hormonal changes in pregnant women can affect the gall bladder and cause cholestasis. Usually problems with the flow of bile appear in the third trimester of pregnancy. Cholestasis is dangerous for the child and for the bearing of his mother.

The doctor should be immediately contacted at the first signs of these symptoms, for example, if frequent nausea and loss of appetite.

Treatment of stagnation of bile

Cholestatic syndrome is diagnosed by the above clinical signs, with the help of ultrasound, sensing, and laboratory studies. To do this, the doctor may prescribe blood and urine tests that determine the level of bilirubin, bile acids, alkaline phosphatase, cholesterol, and other enzymes and substances.

Treatment of cholestasis is conducted simultaneously in several directions:

  • itch;
  • to combat stagnation of bile;
  • support and heal the liver.
Itching removed with special ointments and creams, corticosteroids or antihistamines. In parallel, the patient is prescribed medication that is responsible for reducing the concentration of bile acids and bile products.

Has shown to be effective formulations based on ursodeoxycholic acid, displacing and eliminating toxic bile acid. For the recovery and protection of the liver can be recommended various medications, including drugs of natural origin: "Bondige", "Allohol", "LIV-52", "Kars" and others, as well as preparations from the cells of the liver of the pig, such as "Hepatosan".

At the time of treatment and recovery to the patient with cholestasis is assigned a diet that eliminates foods based on or containing animal fats, limited to acidic and fried, prohibited the use of alcohol and drugs, which have toxic effects on the liver. Also excludes cold drinks and foods, canned foods, chocolate, cocoa, mushrooms.

In the absence of contraindications, the doctor may prescribe tyubazh blind, washed the bile ducts and eliminating the stagnation of bile.

In severe cases, your doctor may recommend surgery to expand the bile ducts. Surgery is done endoscopically through several punctures that allows the patient to quickly recover from the treatment, and also eliminates the need for stitches.

National approach For 15-20 minutes before meals is recommended to drink a Cup of hot vitamin infusion of berries gooseberries, currants, cranberries, cranberry, cranberry, rosehip or hawthorn. The berries can be brewed together or alternated. These delicious and healthy drinks can help relieve spasms in the digestive tract and prepare it for the meal.

Normal operation of gatekeepers, regulating the pressure of the bile, will help products containing silicon and germanium, they can be distinguished by bright garlic smell. It and the garlic, leek and asafoetida – Eastern spice from the same plant.

Problems with the flow of bile in traditional medicine has long been treated herbal teas, taken after meals. Preferred bitter choleretic herbs and berries: gentian, knotweed, wormwood, tansy, Helichrysum, marjoram, milk Thistle, chicory, St. John's wort, koreni and dandelion leaves, roots, Oregon grape, red Rowan and many others.

It is worth noting that many of the medicinal decoctions and infusions not only normalize the outflow of bile, but the liver and healthier, helping her to recover, remove toxins from the liver and purify the blood.

In Oriental medicine for the treatment and prevention of stagnation of bile recommended grass volodushki, Shilajit, ginger, Arnica Montana, and aloe Vera juice.

Prevention of stagnation of bile According to statistics, cholestasis suffers a fifth of the population of our planet. Fast food restaurants, lack of diet and sedentary work, frequent anxiety and stress – all of which can cause disease.

There are many different ways to stimulate the gall bladder, thereby preventing the stagnation of bile:

  • move – daily walks, Jogging, swimming, dance classes and other types of physical education will not stagnate bile;
  • be sure to take the time for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to spend it later on trips to the hepatologist;
  • eat less greasy, sweet, salty and spicy food, avoid drinking alcohol;
  • try not to overeat, even healthy food should be in moderation;
  • short temper and irritability may provoke spasms in the gall bladder, do not get angry in vain, and keep yourself in hand. published 



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