Who is really raising our children

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In our time, for anybody not a secret that childhood – the most sensitive period in a person's life. It is in childhood is the formation and development of personality, fundamental qualities of character, the development of all cognitive functions and responses. It is in childhood lays the first seeds of misunderstanding of internal and external peace, rejection of themselves and others, which inevitably leads to loss of fine touch with your true self.

Why this problems and complexes, if every parent usually wants the best for their dear Chad only the best? How is it that the child is a little grown up, is clamped to the snare of self-doubt and anxiety or Vice versa unleashed and arrogant? From what girls want, above all, plump lips, beautiful coat and perfect body? They don't want children, just dreaming about a rich Prince in an expensive car? Or Vice versa — with anyone, but not one smokes, drinks, anything terrible, the main thing — that at someone? While the boys are afraid, and by all means avoid responsibility, the opposite sex is perceived only as a sexual object? Why think about the family was weird and crazy, but about his career and money is very modern? At which point the substitution values? Or parents really lay in their children a worldview according to which one should strive only for material goods and the satisfaction of a lower need for fun and enjoyment, which inevitably leads to degradation and withering of man's spiritual world? How can a truly loving parents to neglect such categories like soul, love, generosity, courage, responsibility, caring, trust, responsibility, and family?

First and foremost, the task of parents to prepare the child for independent travel on your way through life in love and joy, to help form the basis for understanding the existence and skills of interaction with reality through its own example, and as early as possible to let go, allowing consolidate the theoretical knowledge in practice, gaining essential personal experience.

A child comes into this world totally helpless and fragile. He needs unconditional love, affection and care of parents as much as needs air and food. It is the lack of love and is the true cause of most psychological problems. Often the education of the children shoulder and grandparents, kindergarten and Babysitting services under the guise of the need to earn money, so necessary for the maintenance of the child. Over time, the child begins to feel lonely and unwanted, begins to feel the so-called burden, believing that he is the reason for such a hard work of parents, thereby developing a sense of guilt for what is happening. After a busy day parents often can't give your child quality attention. Tired and angry, they seem to be playing together, asking how the day went, but actually "here and now" they are not included in the events, they do not exist, and the child is a great feeling. To make up for the lack of love and care of parents, a child begins to strongly attract their attention and most often in the form of whims, tantrums, aggression, and disease. Parents, in turn, is care and affection unconsciously begin to pay off their own child, pulling his new toys, gadgets, Goodies, thereby forming consumer attitude to life, to people, to the world at large, and thereby increasing the spiritual and emotional distance in the relationship. That is, the child is tender kisses, strong hugs, walks together or entertainment, the conversation gets a chocolate. Is it really equal? However, that remains a child but believe that this is so?

Very often parents complain that their children refuse to listen to them, so to speak can't hear them. Here a legitimate question, but whether we hear, in fact their children? After all, aggressive behavior, constant whims and unwillingness to cooperate – is not that other, as a cry for help, a lack of unconditional love and conscious parents. The child is asked to draw attention to themselves, asking for affection, care and understanding. Parents often perceive these symptoms as a normal whim and manipulation.

Children are a great indicator of our maturity and awareness about the world. Sometimes they ask questions that every adult asks themselves, even more avoids. The questions, the depth of which is difficult to overestimate, and the search for the answer can take a lifetime. However, this is not a reason to leave children in the dark, responding with "grow — understand", "do not disturb", "don't ask stupid questions". Much better to think together, to share opinions, thereby helping to generate a special understanding of life and the universe. Because each of us was a curious kid, and can remember that feeling in the form of frustration and resentment on themselves and constantly busy adults. As our children become isolated and cease to trust us, when they again and again asked to wait to grow up, to keep up. The result of such interaction is the appeal of the child to other sources of information, which in our time a great many.

While the parents neglect of living fellowship with his children, they are brought up TV and computer. Therefore, the consciousness of the child acquires a conception of life to impose the cartoon characters, movies, TV shows, video games, modern magazines. All would be nothing if the information disseminated by the mentioned sources, was really aimed at the education of noble human qualities, if it had not developed a tendency to destroy common sense and the blurred consciousness of the audience, primarily children and adolescents. Recently, a very strong emphasis on external attractiveness and sexuality, about family and family values are often mentioned in a negative direction. Of course, this is veiled under honesty and unwillingness to mislead the younger generation. However, if you go to social networks to boys and girls from 12 to 18 years — you can see pictures and underwear, and glasses in their hands – all education media. This is a continuous advertisement that says nothing but "Consume! Consume! Consume!", says — "Buy and will be fashionable, classy, beautiful and healthy." Of course, there are programs of spiritual direction, but they simply drown in the ocean of live ignorance.

In addition, with the advancement of technology and introduction of computers, mobile phones and consoles, the reality is increasingly distorted. Instead of going to the zoo — the Internet, history books and interviews with the older generation — the war in the vast virtual space. Instead of names — "nicknames", instead of walking — another capture of the fortress, instead of live communication — headset-MIC. Unless it can develop the courage and nobility, is so can be formed of a strong true friendship and responsibility, unless there is a place of humanity, love and compassion? Unfortunately, the answer is no. All this virtual reality dulls the perception of reality. Often such a player is not adapted to life, because it will not just exit the game in a dangerous time, you must be able to stand up for themselves, Express their opinions, share their feelings, as in reality there is no save feature or reboot. What's more, thanks to virtual games is developing aggression, egoism and sense of impunity in their own actions. In these days, gambling addiction is on a par with alcoholism, drug addiction and other dangerous diseases of mankind.

There are many ways to attack the subconscious mind of the younger generation, and whichever methods are used, invented, and they realized they are adults, that is, either already established or potential parents! What is the guide? Unwillingness to spend time in honest communication with their children? Or ignorance due to lost thread of spiritual connection in the family and in the family?

The primary and real purpose of men and women is procreation, the maintenance of life on earth. We have forgotten that the ability to create new life is a Holy gift that the family — the bulwark of loving and secure that the life of every being is as important as a human that the world is full of miracles, and they open to pure creation. As a result, since the birth of the child tell and show you how to quickly "destroy", lose the way to yourself, and the fun and carefree. How important it is to have as great control as well just enjoy and have fun.

However, if we are given to distinguish light from dark, truth from lies and delusion, it is within our power to change ourselves, consciously and responsibly raising their children, filtering sources of information contact the child, instilling virtuous concepts and views. What nobler will lay the groundwork, the more love and warmth will be in every look and word adult, the easier it is for the child to overcome and weed out the temptations of ignorance in its path. And, of course, you should always remember that everything that we see in our children, mostly our own reflection.published

Author: Anna Dzikavitski

Source: www.b17.ru/article/29156/


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