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The cartoon "wall-e". Photo: kinopoisk.ru

In the world every year produces thousands of films, and among them quite a bit. Fortunately, there are still pictures that have a great influence on the culture of a particular country, which does not lose its popularity even after many years.

Among the huge number of released films, there are those who must see every. These films have become iconic to millions of viewers throughout the world. Some of them recently filmed, some for many years, but they steadily occupy the leading position in various ratings of film enthusiasts.

One of the movies must see is "the Godfather". This is an epic and affecting for a living is a trilogy by Francis Ford Coppola, who over time becomes only more and more popular. The movie tells the story about family values displayed to the viewer on the example of the Corleone mafia clan. This trilogy has become a star in the career of al Pacino, and a great soundtrack Nino Rota has become a real classic.

A scene from the movie "the Godfather". Photo: kinopoisk.ru

Favourite film for most critics is "Forrest Gump." The story of the fool Forrest, surprisingly noble and open, which influence on the fate of many people, is considered one of the brightest, happiest and saddest in the film.

A scene from the movie "Forrest Gump." Photo: kinopoisk.ru

Another film "for the ages" can be considered "one Flew over the cuckoo's nest". Hero Jack Nicholson Is McMurphy. A rebel, a criminal, but an amazing person that changed the established system. He awakens the patients of a psychiatric hospital lust for life, gives them the right of choice. This painting has a strong drama, quality acting, a great script and all the other attributes that are part of a good movie.

Frame from the movie "one Flew over the cuckoo's nest". Photo: kinopoisk.ru

Classic fiction is the trilogy Back to the future Robert Zemeckis. This is one of those films that do not expire with age and lose their appeal. Few people can remain indifferent to the adventure story of the great Professor brown and his friend, a smart student, Marty.

The movie "Back to the future". Photo: kinopoisk.ru

If we talk about space fiction, there is no equal to the epic Saga "Star wars." This universe was created by American Director George Lucas in the 70-ies of XX century. The first of the films this series has had a significant influence on Western, particularly American culture. And became the undisputed masterpieces of movies sci-Fi direction.

The movie "Star wars." Photo: kinopoisk.ru

The recently established animation Studio "Pixar" cartoon "wall-e" has already won the hearts of children and adults worldwide. It's a wonderful story about a little robot that was left on the empty Earth to fulfill a single function that was programmed. A beautiful and good story about friendship, trust and love. One of those stories that leave their mark in the hearts of the people.

The cartoon "wall-e". Photo: kinopoisk.ru

Another unique film project is the trilogy "the Matrix" Andy and Lana Wachowski. The main difference of this fantastic movie from all the others is a deep philosophical content. This movie, vivid, dramatic, full of spectacular special effects, unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.published

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