How to look like a million without a million in my pocket


When someone discusses your appearance with an image consultant Sylvie di Giusto, the last thing she wants to hear — "I have no money". She believes that in order to look good, not necessarily to be a millionaire.

No matter how much you earn — if you set priorities, you can easily spread the aura of strength and confidence that is usually associated with wealth.

Di Giusto for more than twenty years working in the HR Department before he decided to become an image consultant and open his own company — Executive Image Consulting. The firm advises company Directors seeking to improve their appearance, and professionals interested in advancing your career. Among her clients and major corporations such as McKinsey, BMW, and Thomas Cook.

Here are some tips selected on the basis of interviews with di Giusto, as well as with the book Vicky Oliver "Board book millionaire: how to look and act like a millionaire, even if you are not" (The Millionaire's Handbook: How to Look and Act like a Millionaire, Even if You're Not).

Invest in clothes on the rule of thirds every man closet should have at least one good suit, and every woman — at least one good jacket, and suitable to him, the skirt or pants. According to di Giusto, things should be quite expensive — is your investment in good appearance. Di Giusto says: "the more you earn, my clients, the more expensive their clothes". The main thing needs to be of good quality. She advises to look for such things at designer outlets and on their sites.

Oliver writes in his book about the "rule of thirds":

"We need to reduce the number of purchased items to⅓, the price of each to be three times higher."

So the next time don't buy three pairs of pants — buy one, but expensive, and go to them.

Capture every detail — down to the case of the smartphone once for an interview to di Giusto came one young man. It looked fine, correctly answered all the questions. But then, at the end of the interview, he pulled out his iPhone to make the entry in the calendar. Di Giusto was immediately evident that in the case of the phone flaunts obscene word. This put into question the whole interview. In the end, she still took it to work, but the first impression was hopelessly flawed.

Di Giusto recommends: "If you are serious about your image, remember that it is shown not only in costume but also in the details." It includes your workplace, and accessories, and even the cover of the smartphone.

Let your style matches the professional field, but allow yourself one "informal" accessory it is Obvious that, regardless of the dress code of the company where you work, the clothes you choose in accordance with his profession. Di Giusto recommends: do not try at any price to stand out from the rest. If you work in Finance, dress in a conservative style; if involved in the technology industry, allow ourselves some informality in clothing. A good rule of thumb: pay attention to how to dress the heads of your company, and take an example from them.

But of course, it is not necessary that all looked boring and the same, like clones. Di Giusto recommends that you choose a specific detail that would be appropriate in a working environment and still accentuate your style. One of her clients — the CEO of the company wears the traditional dark suit, but always picks him bright shirt or an unusual tie.

Remember that "casual" does not mean "sloppy" the Problem with casual is that, in contrast to the "formal" style, it is very difficult to determine.

Di Giusto says: "Most people think that casual is when no matter what you're wearing". Actually, casual is business image, dilute a couple of everyday items. For example, the Barack Obama: out of work, he takes off his jacket and tie, and this man was one of the sleeves. You can go even further — to replace the pants jeans on the figure, but let's not deviate from the ordinary business style.

The basic rule di Giusto for casual is that it can easily be turned back into the business. You can dress fairly casual, but to grab a jacket. If you suddenly have an important meeting — wear a jacket, and ready.

Less of the perfume Smell in any case should not be strong enough to distract the party from what you say, does just. She says: "If you yourself can smell your perfume, it means that you with them have gone too far". Interestingly, in some countries, this rule does not apply — for example, in Italy and France, they are very generous with perfume. But in Russia it is only a little bit to identify the scent of the perfume. Be confident, even if your image has some flaws thanks to the confidence people are spreading the particular sense of strength and power. The main thing — not to undermine that confidence. Constantly scratching the soul of the idea that someone will notice loose from the jacket button, will only lead to the fact that it's really going to pay attention. Similarly, if you once in the morning decide that you have yellow teeth, it is likely that others too will begin to think so.

No matter what problem or don't worry about it, or take measures for its elimination. If you're not confident, you too will not believe.

Dress to look taller Oliver writes that "we are subconsciously drawn to the high lead, because it is associated with the growth of government." But if nature has not given you this advantage, you create the illusion of high growth. Women can wear high heels, not ballet flats or sneakers, and men choose clothes of dark tones. People of low growth is more formfitting clothing monochrome colors.

Good sleep promotes a healthy mind and finally, you need to develop a clear sleep schedule — this skin will always look healthy and radiant. Oliver advises for several days to observe how your performance compares to how many hours you slept the night before. She writes:

"As soon as you determine for yourself the ideal number of hours of sleep, try to stick to it even on weekends. Train yourself to always go to bed and get up at the same time."published



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