Nervous and dog lovers do not watch!
We went on a Saturday in Irpen. Were prepared for the fact that the technique can be divided and face. And when they came out of the car, the guard at the gate asked nothing said, "Come in, you go there." The little man stood zagonchik already 200.
... Maybe I've seen too many in my life, but the spectacle of this kind does not cause much disgust. Dogs delighted with the fight. Then it was a pity though, a hole from one bite - sized bullet. But it does not hurt, even when treated. Dogs smartest and kindest. Sitting in the room with the sheriff, red Alabai, his noggin like a bear, do not clasp your hands. When poured into the wound peroxide, whined a bit. The owner told me that he got to them by chance when the second child died. The whole family was fascinated by dogs. Invites to him to Odessa, but is unlikely to go. It is known, for what reasons.

via ira-rara and arizona


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