Theatre in the service of "democracy" (as it is)

I want to emphasize that all these theatrical pictures relate to the period up to the moment when the coalition forces began their bombing. There were no refugees, did not have the social catastrophe that began to unfold not because of "oppressive Gaddafi regime" as it was after the intervention of the "democratic" forces designed to bring peace to freedom and democracy.

People's "uprising" in Libya and fighting the rebels with the regime of Muammar Gaddafi increasingly resemble poorly orchestrated theatrical production. European inhabitant hammered the idea of ​​a humanitarian catastrophe, and the media in Europe and Britain urged the US to invade Libya. Washington, however, is in no hurry to do so, leaving the British alone with its theater clowns.

So, what happens in reality in Libya? What a strange "civil war" is conducted in this country? Why Gaddafi army is in no hurry to disperse the motley crowd of people who were European and British media issue for the insurgents by publishing them clearly staged photographs? Why do the rebels managed to seize huge arsenals of weapons? Who is the leader of the rebels? The National Council of 30 people?

Finally, where numerous traces of the alleged bombing of Libyan cities aviation Gaddafi? Where tens and hundreds of wounded and allegedly killed? Where neighborhoods destroyed by bombs? Where do the alleged traces of heavy fighting? On the Internet, put a few obscure clips of some skirmishes in the desert - it is not clear whom and with whom. Finally, the most important question: for whom and for what Gaddafi and his "opponents" strongly depict the civil war in Libya?

Before answering these questions, let's look at the latest pictures, so to speak, of the battlefield.

This air raid on a convoy of "insurgents" in Ras Lanufa. Such a feeling that an explosion or staging or pilot deliberately dropped a bomb from a distance. Pay attention to the people who are on the road ahead and going to his full height. With the explosion of bombs at a distance they would be highly likely to have the dead (as the photographer, by the way). And indeed difficult to imagine people who have fallen under the air strike and behaving as if they are walking on the boardwalk.

This defense "rebels" (kind of like celebrating the victory) - people are quietly roam the open areas on the road. What do you think, how many of them would have survived in the "correct" ground attack aircraft of their positions?

But the "rebel" shows acrobatic fighting techniques "guerrilla" with the ubiquitous Libyan aircraft (photo, of course, posed - the actors are trying hard to make out the plane in the sky, but look the other way on the direction of the barrel machine gun protagonist):

Other pictures - Rebel convoy on the highway, from somewhere far away smoke rising. Commentary photographer Air Gaddafi bombed by Bindzhavadom where are stubborn fighting. What would happen to this colony as a result of the air strike, I hope, can submit all:

Although ostensibly stubborn fighting, very few photos of the wounded, there is practically no dead (yes, the Muslims bury them in the same day, but for the sake of public relations and crowds of journalists accompanying clouds "rebels" can also be done at least a couple dozen eloquent pictures?). That dragged the man carefully depicting the victim Gaddafi (note the camera left - British jackals of the pen at the ready):

However, there are wounded, but many of them - that this person because of their deficit did this fotoznamenitost. European members escorted him from the place of injury on the "front" to the hospital:

Where he is injured, it is not clear. The dead also caught. Here in the casket someone is lying. Comments to the photo - a rebel soldiers killed Gaddafi:

Another staged photo rebels fighting air defense aviation Gaddafi:

Costumed extras:

One of the heroes of photo Western journalists (flashed on a dozen pictures):

To shoot this man, and why? Judging by the figures relaxed around him, he was asked to shoot photojournalists:

And this is a picture from the front - the city Bendzhavad. There are persistent battles with kaddafistami. One of the rebels from the strain even lay down on the asphalt. Note - machines clustered along the highway, restless "rebels" roam here and there, the assistant director walking, turning his back to the "front" in the background somewhere runs extras, and people on the right in green jackets at all will not hurry:

Of course, the blog Interpreter does not want to say that in general no fights Libya is not conducted. You can simulate a war, but when the weapons handed too much, and shoot him periodically necessary. That "rebels" are somewhere fire rocket launcher (Satan-machine):

But remnants of the downed plane SU 24 Libyan Air Force in the vicinity of Ras Lanufa:

And these are the "heavy fighting" - the firing of heavy machine gun somewhere beyond the horizon, loiter around bored "rebels" (but beautiful photo):

Rebel with a "rocket launcher surface-to-air" is looking for a goal in the sky. Picture taken by the French journalist who was then wounded by a bullet in the leg (probably for avoiding the "rebels" with props):

A little propaganda Beauty (sort Libyan Wacht am Rhein - Watch on the Rhine):

And then a rally of supporters of Gaddafi in Tripoli. In general, Western journalists transmit pictures from Libya in a ratio of 20: 1 in favor of the rebels, but even stingy photographs of Tripoli, where the Libyan leader entrenched, teatralizovannost happening is visible to the naked eye:

If you add up the facts, they are as follows. Muammar Gaddafi has reason does not use strong enough Libyan aircraft (more than 200 multi-role fighters, bombers, attack aircraft, etc.) to strike virtually undisguised air motley crowds of "rebels", riding dense colonies on the highway (by the way, two airbase in Tobruk and Benghazi fell into the hands of insurgents, but it is not known how many remained aircraft). Everyone remembers the story of how allegedly flew to Malta two Libyan Air Force plane, refusing to bomb Gaddafi on the orders of the rebels? A few days later it turned out that it was all French aircraft.

Mauammar Gaddafi hardly uses for counterinsurgency motorized compound with tanks. Certificates of participation in the battles of tanks in Libya are very few - mostly concerned Zawiya city (where western photographers have found a damaged tank and filmed it from all sides):

When you view the videos and pictures from Libya shows clearly that the so-called rebels have no command. These are people randomly somewhere traveling in cars somewhere shooting and posing for the camera. None of the videos in any way the real battle for almost 3 weeks of "civil war" in Libya and has not appeared. This is despite the fact that Libya is awash with British, French, Italian and American journalists and crews.

Here is the photo, for example, is called "rebels under fire from government aircraft»:

While some portray themselves came under an airstrike in the car quietly in the background are people. A photo found in a few meters from the fugitives pursued by combat aircraft, heavily photographed "moment»:

Another confusing situation in the print media. European and British editions in unison urged NATO and the US to invade Libya to "prevent a humanitarian disaster there." Meanwhile, in Libya they are already not only warships of Italy, France, UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Canada, but also the division of troops of these states. Some of these groups, such as the British special forces, were found deep in the east.

Italian frigate "San Marino" in the port of Benghazi:

French helicopter carrier "Mistral" also appeared off the coast of Benghazi:

Russian colonial press follows in the wake of the general sentiment. The main emphasis is on the fact that the man in the street have emerged of the decision on Libya end up taking only the United States and only Washington bear all the responsibility.


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