Gaddafi grand water project

The Great Man-Made River - the greatest in its ambitious project of Libya - is a network of water pipes that supply water-free industrial areas and the northern part of Libya with clean drinking water from underground storage tanks oasis, located in the southern part of the country. According to independent experts, the world's largest engineering project of the existing at the moment. A little-known project because Western media hardly covered him, and yet the project surpassed its value for the world's largest construction event: project cost $ 25 billion.

Gaddafi started the project back in the 80s and at the beginning of the current fighting, he was practically implemented. It should be noted in particular: the construction of the system was not spent a cent of foreign money. And this fact is certainly suggestive, because control over water resources is becoming increasingly significant factor in world politics. Is the current war in Libya, the first war of the drinking water? It does have to fight for it! The functioning of the man-made river based on water intake of 4 huge water reservoirs located in the oases Hamada, Kufra, Morzuk and Sirt and containing approximately 35,000 cubic meters. kilometers of well water! This volume of water could fully cover the territory of a country like Germany, with the depth of the reservoir would be about 100 meters. And according to recent research, the Libyan water artesian springs enough for about 5,000 years.

In addition, this water project on the scales can rightly be called "the eighth wonder of the world" because it provides transportation within 6, 5 million cubic meters of water per day through the desert, a stunning way that increases the area of ​​irrigated desert lands. Man-made river project is absolutely not comparable to that carried out by Soviet leaders in Central Asia in order to irrigate its cotton fields and that led to the Aral Sea catastrophe. The principal difference between the Libyan irrigation project lies in the fact that for irrigation of agricultural land used is almost endless underground rather than surface water source, readily undergo extensive damage in a short period of time. Transport water is closed manner by using four thousand kilometers steel pipes buried deep in the ground. Water is pumped from artesian pools of 270 mines from a depth of several hundred meters. One cubic meter of crystal clear water of the Libyan underground reservoirs, taking into account all the costs of its production and transportation of treated Libyan government just 35 cents, which is roughly comparable to the cost of a cubic meter of cold water in large Russian cities, including Moscow. If we take into account the cost of a cubic meter of drinking water in Europe (about 2 euros), the cost of stocks of artesian water in the Libyan underground tanks is at most estimated that nearly 60 billion euros. Agree that this volume continues to rise in the price of the resource may be of interest is much more serious than the oil.


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