Microsoft is beginning to wonder photos

No, not that representatives of one of the world's largest IT companies dressed in colorful Gypsy costumes, and began to pester passers-by, but something from the popular now psychics all over this. During the BUILD conference, Microsoft announced the launch of the service thanks to which anyone can upload your picture, after which the array of servers, Azure will carefully study it and try to guess how much you get in this photo.

And all would be well, but that's only with age determination at this site is not so good as we would like. See the photo above – it is the journalist of the portal Edganet Billy Steele. And he is not 41 years, but only 31. Your humble servant could not resist and downloaded my own photos (of which you can see on my avatar). In this photo of me around age 26. But the site How-Old threw me another 24 years. No, maybe I actually look slightly battered and weary life "Fitter", but not to the same degree!

Someone from users of the new service carries more and their age is close to real. But the network has already appeared a lot of memes and jokes about Some of them I would love to share with you.


Microsoft claims that to create this face-recognition API, two programmers took only one day (and it is noticeable). It all started as a joke, which was used by only 50 employees, but very quickly the number of users increased to 35 000 people. And now, when the service became available to the public, they have already used millions of people around the world. published

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