Orthopedic shoes as a method of treatment of deformity

An important factor in getting rid of plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, corns and other anatomical changes is wearing special shoes, which greatly reduces the load on the leg joints, but the spine as a whole. To order these shoes in the Studio of individual tailoring, or buy a ready-made couple is permitted strictly after consulting a doctor. However, there are recommendations to health professionals who can help cure any disease. So, the shoes should be made of soft genuine leather, have a low heel. I have to use orthotics. Is advisable for women to abandon the heels and platforms.

What is the use of arch supports?Insertion of orthopedic doctors often recommend the initial stages of deformity. They effectively change the structure of the arch of the foot, distributing the load evenly on all the muscles and the departments of the musculoskeletal system.

Well-chosen insoles, and successfully bought special shoes, support transverse and longitudinal arches of the foot, increase its resistance when walking, improve blood circulation and reduce foot fatigue. In addition, reducing the load on the spine and joints. Wearing the therapeutic Shoe is comfortable, which has a positive impact on General health.

Arch supports come in several types. Consider this, reflecting on what insoles to buy. So:

  • classic models – ensure the prevention of flat feet, make walking more comfortable fit for people of all categories;
  • polustanke – ideal for close women's Shoe;
  • samples from the "memory effect" – "imprint" the shape of the feet, providing them with additional protection in the area of the center of gravity;
  • instances with complete coverage – improved the classic model, the basis of which include ethylene vinyl acetate, is responsible for skin elasticity products.
A nice bonus: the insoles are made of the now-depreciated materials and have deodorizing effect.

For maximum results it is recommended orthopedic inserts to wear constantly, like in the street, and in house shoes.


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