Planted annual flowers in the country

Planted at the cottage annuals are rather good that every year you can create a unique plant compositions are quite different. In accordance with the mood and taste preferences will change and the appearance of the garden.

This files most often formed from the annuals beds, modular flowerbeds, mixed borders, creating a magnificent scenery. The advantage of annuals is that for a season they go through a full cycle of vegetation, and the owners can see the beautiful blooms and the rapid development all summer. But it is also minus annuals — require a lot of time to each spring to grow and plant seedlings of various colors.

Beds are compositions of plants, having clear boundaries and a certain form.

When selecting plants, remember that annuals light, and all the beauty they can occur on moist and rich soils the area that is in constant sunlight light. To consider when making a flowerbed, should the period of flowering, some plants bloom earlier, and others later. All annuals are famous for the long and abundant flowering period, but to allocate it is possible begonia, Petunia and pelargonium, which bloom in early spring. Behind them, in early June, blooming marigolds, zinnia, cornflowers and marigolds. Calendula, snapdragons, asters, lavatera and decorate flower beds until late autumn.

The landing is also of great importance. If equipped garden, good and marigolds are low and colorful, and has the same properties as those of nasturtium, cornflowers and exciting. For the decoration of walls or fences suitable for curly beans and sweet peas. And planted in containers, the easiest begonia, pelargonium, geranium, Petunia. When selecting annuals in the garden, growers have the choice of a very rich color palette, which allows you to paint the garden in all colors of the rainbow. Bright yellow color in the garden will bring coreopsis, calceolaria, Snapdragon, and sunflower. For the blue color choice is even wider – can be planted eustoma, cornflowers, brachicoma. Red have Impatiens, stock-rose, Salvia.

Making a flowerbed, consider the flowering period, as some plants bloom earlier, and others later.

In addition to flowers, there are shrubs and low-growing annuals that always look very elegant. Their height generally does not exceed 30 cm, and they are often planted as podvorotnya to fill the void between trees, rose bushes and ornamental shrubs. Among them may be noted iberis, nemophila, dwarf viola and violet night. These annuals are quite undemanding and bloom all summer until fall.

Put bright, big and beautiful flowers which will delight your eye every day.

Low-growing plant called a flowering arelatum forms dense mats in different shades – from white and to deep blue or purple. The bushes of marigolds also can decorate the plot with the first days of summer and until frost. Among the more undemanding and flowering annuals can highlight celosia, Phlox, forget-me-not, groundsel, Lobelia.published

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