The near future the Russian additive technologies - production,which performs incredible tasks

A couple of years ago, Russian experts complained about the extremely adverse situation with the introduction of additive technologies in Russian industry. The additive manufacturing market, of course, has evolved, but it happened very slowly: Russia practically did not participate in international organizations having a significant impact on the development of additive technologies in the world, Russia did not have any expensive high-tech equipment, capable of providing high-quality products or materials (powders) for 3D cars, no qualified, specially trained personnel. That is, in General, lacked a 3D environment for additive manufacturing: 3D designing and modelling, CAE - and Cam-technologies, digitization technologies and reengineering associated with this technology.

Obviously, this problem could be solved only through a sustained interaction of the higher school, academic and sectoral science.

And so it has strongly moved forward: with the support of Department of science and technology of Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation has launched three projects for the development of additive technologies: "Development of a new generation of high-temperature materials" (national research technological University MISIS), "Development of technologies for the manufacture and repair complex parts of gas turbine engines" (FSUE "all-Russian scientific research Institute of aviation materials" VIAM), "Development of production of lightweight and reliable composite structures for high-tech industries" (Saint-Petersburg state Polytechnical University SPbSPU).

While some of the achievements of early to say, but the first results are encouraging. For example, complex details of hot path of gas turbine engine are produced at VIAM by layerwise selective laser melting: partial melting of a thin layer of metal powder with a laser beam in accordance with the geometry of the cross section of a part corresponding to each layer of powder. published

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