5 effective exercises for a beautiful elastic buttocks

Deep squats. You need to fully squat, below parallel(90 degrees). Try a different width setting your feet to choose more convenient and comfortable stance for squats. The back should be kept always equal and in tension. Be sure to avoid bending forward, after the squat, by inertia, to get up, tear off the heel. Slowly and slowly, a little faster, get up. Perform 3-5 approaches for 8-12 times.

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You need to lie on your stomach and stretch the string. Then bend one leg at the knee and to do lifts. 15 times for each leg.

Position — on his stomach, up on elbows and masochki. The body is a straight line. In this position, raise legs alternately. At the end of the hold and count to 10. Go to the next. foot.

Pull up a chair to lean on during exercise. Pull the leg back and come back. There are some nuances in the exercise — lifting your legs up, don't make any sudden movements, slowly lift and slowly lower. At the bottom point, do not relax the muscle once put your foot down, immediately start up.

Pick up a barbell or dumbbell. Lean forward with a straight back, arms freely hanging down — do not let them to the body. If the slope of the rump much twisting do not tilt so low. Straightening up, pull the body upward with the help of gluteal muscles. You can perform a deadlift with a barbell, slightly bending your knees. If you put the barbell on your shoulders, do a simple forward bends with straight legs and straight back. published 

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