How not to be deceived when buying package tours: all the tricks operators

Summer is vacation time, and to hold them, despite the annexation of Crimea to Russia, many of our compatriots still prefer abroad on the tours – by something scary. Increasingly, however, unscrupulous agencies cheat their customers. And this sin not only obscure, but also quite a solid company.

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Legal subtletyFor starters, when buying tickets you should still check firm.First, the tour operator whose voucher you sell at the Agency should be included in the Unified state register, which can be viewed on the website of the Ministry of sport, tourism and youth policy. Only in this case, if the company has problems, customers will pay compensation. If the firms in the registry – most likely you are faced with scams.

Secondly, you need to ensure that the Agency to which You applied, has a direct contract with the operator. Because otherwise no one will insure against the sale of phony vouchers, the operator will know nothing, and consequently nowhere you're not lucky. Remember that a fake voucher of the hotel and electronic plane tickets on the Internet – simple.

Don't doubt the reputation your agent and operator, because already heard about it from friends? This is not a reason to relax. Yes, you hardly sell a ticket to a non-existent hotel or throw in the middle of a unfamiliar city without transfer, but not necessarily that the “sharks” tour business will not try to trick you in their own way.

Flights and undershoot... Specify the conditions of flight, down to the details. Recently travel companies are increasingly satisfied with the "Charter flights with stops": this is when you have to fly directly at the destination airport, and the first to arrive in one city, and only then that where I was headed for flight to Hurghada with a stopover in Sharm El-Sheikh. And it will significantly increase the flight time.

Also, do not forget to specify the conditions of carriage of Luggage on the flight. And then you come to the airport and find out that your ticket can bring in for free in 10 kg in a suitcase and pay for excess or post your precious purchases. One day when I tidy sum for the baggage had to pay for Russian tourists flying to Budapest low-cost airline Wizz-air. They are simply not warned that the airline any Luggage is carried for money, and the ticket price includes a small bag-carry-on baggage.

Another point, which almost never pay attention to tourists – the conditions of transfer from the airport to your accommodation. Travellers are usually taken on buses and transported to hotels, so no problems arise you should not. But still, before you buy a ticket look at the map how far your hotel is from the airport of arrival. At a distance of over 200 km it is necessary to tighten – not too much time will take the Shuttle, especially on local roads. Should be particularly attentive to those who go to the Islands. In the Maldives, for example, between fly small private planes, which sometimes you have to wait for several hours.

Release arithmeticBy the way, in connection with the transfer it is worth remembering and another important point: the number of days you actually spend at the resort. Operators are called tourists the number of nights, but you're probably not going to sleep, and sunbathe on the sea, and this is possible only during the day.

This is especially important on short trips. One time I went to Cyprus on holidays in may – flight was delayed, then had problems with the transfer. In General, instead of 8 o'clock in the evening we were at the hotel at 6 am, having lost, thus, the whole night. And then slept for a few hours. On the day of departure we learned that the bus will be in our hotel 6 hours before departure, because then I'll go pick up another two dozen tourists. In the end, a four-day vacation turned into two days. Although nights was 4. Well, actually 3 – the first held at the airport, no one compensated.

Hotel questionIf when booking the tour instead of the hotel name is the word Fortuna or Roulette, you know – what kind of hotel you settle, you will not know before arrive directly to the hotel. Such tours are usually cheaper, but guarantee only the star hotel. And, as practice shows, hotels formally, one level can provide a completely different level of service. And swing right, demanding a room with balcony and sea view, you won't – some will, and this will have to settle.

But even if you when buying tickets see the offers and have already studied the reviews, it does not mean that when you arrive everything will be the same as in the photo. And not because even that photographers skillfully mastered photoshop, but because on the coast there are hotels with cases of different categories. That is, on the website you can see some lovely Marina Resort Beach, and in the voucher you just Marina Resort, where rooms are poorer, and from the sea this body is a 15-minute walk away.

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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