10 rules of the most charismatic people

When you meet some people you suddenly begin to feel significant. Special. When some people enter the room, she seemed to be illuminated. We can't always determine quality, but some people have it: they are by nature charismatic. Unfortunately, natural charisma quickly loses its effect. More familiarity breeds familiarity.


But some people maintain amazing charisma: they build and maintain great relationships are systematically influenced (in a good way) at others, systematically encourage others feel better about themselves. These are people with whom you want to be everything... and that everyone wants to be. Fortunately, we can do it. Charisma is not our level of success, not our presentation skills, not how we dress, and not the image that we broadcast to the world. That's what we do.

Here are 10 of the usual traits of people with remarkable charisma: 1. They listen more than speak.

Ask questions. Maintain eye contact. Smile. Frown. Nod. Answer — not so much verbal, many nonverbal. That's all you need to demonstrate the source of its significance. Then, when you are talking, do not offer advice unless asked. Listening shows your concern much better than the Soviets, because many of the tips you most often translate the conversation with the interlocutor himself. Speak only when you are ready to say something important; and important things that matter to the other person, not for you.

2. They do not practice listening to people selectively.

Some people are absolutely sure, you know — unable to hear anything said by people they consider inferior. Of course, you talk to them, but I see in their eyes that your words reach their ears. Truly charismatic people listen carefully to each and every one of us, regardless of position, social status or "level," feels that he has something in common. So it is: we are all human.

3. They lay their own stuff.

Do not check phone messages. Don't drop the views on your monitor. Don't focus on anything else, at least for a moment. You will never establish a real connection with others if you are "connected" to something else. Give people your full attention. Such a gift few are able. And it is in itself encourages others to want to be closer to you, to remember you.

4. They give up before getting something, and often get nothing.

Never worry about what you will get. Focus on what you can provide. Giving is the only way to establish a real connection, a real relationship. If you are at least in part, at least for a moment, thinking about what you can get from another human being, you already show that you think is important only to himself.

5. They never demonstrate its importance...

The only one that can impress your snobby, pretentious, ballooning self-importance personality is the same snobby and pretentious people. The rest is unimpressive. Rather annoying and creates discomfort. And people hate that moment when you enter the room.

6. ...Because I realize that other people more important than them.

You already know what I know. You know, their views, their ideas and points of view. It doesn't matter, because it is yours. You will not learn. But you don't know what others know, and each one, whoever he was, knows something you don't know. This makes them much more important than you because it's people who you can learn something.

7. They shed light on the other.

Praise never happen. Never. Tell people what they did well. What? You say you don't know whether they had done? Shame on you — you on the post should know this. It's your job to know these things in time. People will appreciate not only your praise itself, but the fact that you show enough attention to them and follow what they do. Then they will feel a little more full and a little more meaningful.

8. They know the right words.

The words you use affect others. For example, you don't need to go to a meeting: you get the chance to meet people. You don't need to create a presentation for a new client; you get the chance to share something cool with other people. You don't need to go to the gym; you have the chance to stretch out, strengthen your health and figure. You do not need to interview candidates. You get the chance to choose a great person in their team. We all want to associate themselves with happy, enthusiastic, fulfilled people. The words you use can help other people feel better about and you also feel better.

9. They don't discuss the failures of others...

Of course, we all love a little gossip. We all like to hear a little bit of dirt. The problem is that we do not necessarily like the people spouting this filth, and certainly we do not feel these people respect. Do not laugh at others. When you do surrounding think — and not whether you laugh sometimes over them?

10. ...But they readily admit their own failures.

Incredibly successful people are believed to possess charisma: because they are successful. Their success is like creating a certain aura, even radiance. But only as if. You don't need to be incredibly successful to be extremely charismatic. Be humble. Share your breakup. Accept their mistakes. Be an instructive example. And laugh at yourself. People will not laugh at you. They will laugh with you. For this you will love — and even more will want to be near you. published

Author: Jeff Hayden

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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