Should I look for the father of the child

The divorce rate in society is very high, around 50% of couples in Russia (about the same for America). The late marriage, after 35 years, a more strong, so divorce among young couples can reach 70-80%.

A huge number of young women remain after a divorce with a small child or with multiple children. Mothers worry that children are growing up without a father, because that's not the full experience of growing up compared to children who have both parents.

To worry about it not worth it. This situation will not change. People are born with very different fates. something is growing with his father, someone without. Someone born into a family with money and a great opportunity, someone in a very poor family. Someone born in Mongolia in the family of a nomadic tribe, who in prosperous Germany. Everyone has an equal chance to be happy. That is, children without a father in any case are not more deprived than children with the father.

Once in one of my walks with children from the orphanage, the girl asked me why I'm with them I spend my time. She asked, "you pity us?". I said not at all sorry. Pity the deprived, and you are just normal kids, you — personality, you are no worse than other children, but something better and stronger, you have everything to be happy. Children then were silenced, they used to think that they are defective. They have no parents, Yes, but that doesn't make them inferior.

So experience is not necessary. And especially not worth "to seek the father of the child". An unmarried woman can only "search" a companion, but not the father of the child. A man and a woman marry for love, and it is important that he loved the woman, but to demand his father's love for her child, but frankly, he's not the father.

It is important to look for someone who likes a woman who will be kind to her children, but no more. It is impossible to require a man to love another man's child. Will love — good will — not a problem. He must love a woman, a woman to love him, and to be a good decent man. (Plus with a new man a woman could theoretically get a divorce, then the child will lose the second "father", so then you need to be careful with the appointment of a new "father").

It is important not to take the baby on dates and not ask his opinion or advice on the choice of partner. The child should not emotionally involved in the relationship mother Dating, likes, dislikes, call-will not call jealousy, breakups, broken hearts, doubt. It is reasonable to acquaint the child with a new man only when there is an understanding that this is a serious relationship leading to marriage. published


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