Stretch tight shoes at home: methods and techniques

Sometimes it happens that the purchased shoes or boots after purchase are a little small, pressured pace. And then there is the need to stretch them to the desired size, it is possible to make even at home.

There are several ways to stretch shoes that she was sitting right on the leg. If shoes are too tight only a little, can you advise as often as possible to walk in your new shoes around the house, to the material from which it is made, stretched. To speed up the process, if you wear shoes with wet socks or pour in some water shoes and walk in them for hours. Ideally, you should repeat this procedure for several days. But this method helps only in the case if shoes are small, not more than one size.

To stretch products made of natural leather and imitation leather, you can use frozen. For this new shoes insert plastic bags and fill them with water to completely fill the shoes, as if there is your foot. When the preparatory work will be done, will just have to put shoes in the freezer to preserver in them the water was cold. Leave the shoes for 10-15 hours in the freezer. During this time, the ice will become water, be able to stretch shoes and allow her one or two sizes.

There is no possibility to use the freezer? Then bring paper and crumple it into a ball, soak in water, and then tamp shoes wet "filler". And put them in the closet until, while Newspapers (they are most often used for stretching shoes) completely dry. Then remove the paper and try on shoes with thin socks or stockings. If you immediately achieve the desired result failed, you can repeat the procedure several times. For best results, you can also put wet newspaper stuffed shoes in the freezer.

You can also fill in the shoes of grain, which is a good swell, and fill it with water so that it increased in volume, adding extra size shoes. As filler can be used wet potato peelings, which should be left in the shoes overnight.

Quite often, to stretch tight shoes used alcohol funds. For example, can be diluted with equal proportions of vodka with water and inject the resulting liquid RUB shoes with the inside, paying special attention to problem areas. Then you need to immediately put on foot socks (before you use them wet) and walk a few hours in the shoes that you are going to stretch. Instead of alcohol or vodka for this purpose you can use the Cologne.

Besides, in stores now you can find a lot of special tools for stretching shoes or boots, including all sorts of sprays, foams, mousses, which should take its place among the other home accessories designed to care for shoes.

However, if you increase shoes or boots does not work, contact a repair shop for shoes. So there is something just solve your problem because usually they have all the necessary tools and materials with which to stretch the shoes to size. This is usually used sliding pads.published

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