How narrow stretch shoes: 5 practical advice from the cobbler.

Probably every woman has a pair of shoes, which is convenient to just sit. When they try on in the store, it seems that it is more convenient and more beautiful models do not exist. But when you come home, you know, that has never been so wrong ...

If you got just such shoes, rubs, zhmuschuyu and causes discomfort, use our advice.

«website» has prepared you for the wonderful life hacking, which can easily stretch the shoes. Once you can run your favorite shoes in both the cloud of.

How quickly deliver shoes to moisten the inner surface of the shoe spirit

Use the hair dryer and warm socks you can quickly and effectively soften shoes.

Leather or leatherette shoes that you have not shod, smazh castor oil

The inside of the shoe sodium paraffin (normal candle), leave at night. On the morning of daring excess wax. This method will help you forget about the blisters once and for all!

Antiquated methods. Kick some every shoe wet paper (newspapers) and leave to dry completely. Do not dry a shoe near the centers of the heat, it should be dry to room temperature.

These popular methods will help you distribute narrow shoes , as well as soften the skin in a new pair.

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