9 non-standard ways to use paper towels. I had no idea that this is possible!

Paper towels - a thing that exists in any home. But many housewives habitual use cloth towels, paper towels so often lie on the shelf as a fallback.

«website» has prepared for you a selection of the best tips on the use of paper towels. From now on you'll be more respectful of this brilliant product, because it's time to learn how to get the most out of paper towels at home!

How to use paper towels to fresh greens not sluggish quickly, wrap it with a damp paper towel. And if stored in the refrigerator fresh herbs, put in a container, dry paper towel. It absorbs excess moisture and will extend the shelf life products.

The layer of fat on the surface of the broth spoil your appetite? Paper towel - what you need! Take a clean pot and set it in the sink. Place the pan in a sieve or colander. Spread on the bottom of the colander paper towel. Strain the broth through a colander with a towel. The fluid gets into a new pot, and the fat will remain in the towel.

To the bread after the fridge did not wet enough before freezing to wrap it in a paper towel.

Remove stains from wax pencils easily if lay on a dirty surface of the paper towel and iron his iron at low temperature.

To microwave remained clean after you cook the bacon, enough to wrap slices of bacon on a paper towel before cooking. Turn on the microwave for 1 minute each time, until the bacon will not be crispy. 3-4 minutes - and you're done!

If you do not have filter coffee , you can strain the flavored drink through a piece of paper towel.

To make meat with a crispy crust , wipe it with a paper towel before cooking.

Often after a refillable bottle with oil are fatty streaks. To prevent this, wrap the bottle with a paper towel and secure it with a rubber band.

Buy wipes for removing make-up and cotton disks takes you a lot of money? Cut the roll of paper towels across. In a plastic container pour a cup of clean water, add a few drops of coconut to (castor, olive) oil. Optionally, you can add a makeup remover. Immerse yourself in the resulting liquid is half a roll of paper towels.

When the paper soften, remove the roll of cardboard box.

The resulting wet wipes can be stored in a cool place for several weeks.

As you can see, the use of paper towels to help save money and power, so be sure to take our recommendations into service.

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