Excessive cleanliness causes the development of allergies in children

Scientists from Belgium have once again confirmed the fact that excessive hygiene and cleanliness not only has positive effects on the body, but can cause a variety of allergic reactions and asthma.

As an example, researchers gave children who grow up in villages and in cities. It is well known that the first category the threshold of attention to hygiene are much lower because very often children's hands are washed just before eating, and their games are often associated with animals and with the earth.

After reviewing medical records of 500 children, scientists said that those of them who grew up in the village, five times less frequently recorded in various Allergy and asthma than urban children. This is explained by the high content of the enzyme A20, which is a kind of barrier to a number of diseases.

Its formation is quite interesting. Various bacteria that live in the air, provoke, in contact with skin and mucous membrane, micropeplinae reaction. Direct damage to the baby they bring, but at the same time form the endotoxins that are the basis for enzyme A20. Urban children are much less likely to encounter bacteria and protective microorganisms are practically not produced. As evidence of the Belgian scientists took two groups of laboratory rodents, the members of one of which the mucous membrane forcibly struck endotoxins. While all of the rodents are then treated by air with dust mites. The results showed that those rodents, in the body, which was enough of an enzyme A20, a strong immunity against asthma and allergies, and in the group of endotoxin dust mites polls provoked allergic reactions.

aditiva the results of the study scientists said that at an early age the children have to face different pollutants to form a special protective barrier in the future. We are not talking about the refusal of detergents for washing (http://satom.ru/t/moyushchie-sredstva-dlya-stirki-5793/) or from basic hygiene, but excessive cleanliness, experts still advise to avoid. published


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Source: zeleneet.com/izlishnyaya-chistoplotnost-provociruet-razvitie-allergii-u-detej/33342/


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